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Q: How many 16x16 tiles would cover 96 square feet?
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How many 16x16 tiles in 784 square feet?

Assuming you mean 16x16 inches tiles... 441 tiles would cover the area exactly

How many 16x16 inches tiles in 22.5 square meters?

You would need 137 (136.23) 16" x 16" tiles to cover 22.5 square meters.

How much square feet is 41 16x16 tiles?

If they 16 is in inches, this would be 256 square inches per tile. That would cover 10,496 square inches. Divide by 144 and you get 72.89 square feet.

How many 16x16 tiles for 300 sq feet?

Assuming you mean the tiles are 16 inches square - you would need 169 tiles.

How many 16x16 tiles will you need to cover 410 sq feet?

The answer depends on the units used for the tiles' measurements.

How many 16x16 tiles would cover 345 sq ft?

To cover 345 square feet with 16x16 tiles , you need at least 195 tiles (194 and 1/16 exactly). 345 square feet x 144 square inches/sq ft = 49680 square inches 16 x 16 = 256 square inches per tile 49680 / 256 = 194.0625 It could take more because you may have to use large fractional tiles on edges, and some may break.

You paid for 140sf of 16x16 tiles How many tiles should you have?

You would have 79 tiles.

How many 16x16 tiles would you need for 192 square ft?

108 plus 20% more.

How many 16X16 inch tiles are needed for 190 square feet?

First I would convert 16x16 inch tiles in feet 16x16 inch tiles = 1.25x1.25 feet tiles To calculate the square feet that one tile takes up multiply 1.25 x 1.25 1.25 x 1.25 = 1.5625 sq feet Now calculate 190/1.5625 to find the number of tiles that can fit in 190 square feet 190/1.5625 = 121.6 You will need 121-122 square tiles

How many 16X16 tiles to make 300 square feet?

Each 16 inch tile is 1.78 square feet. You would need 169 tiles, plus some for spoilage.

How many tiles would be needed to cover a square design with a length of 7 tiles?

49 tiles


Tiles that are two feet on a side cover 4 square feet. 378 of them cover 1512 square feet.

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