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108 carpet tiles

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Q: How many 1 m carpet tiles would you need to cover 12m 9m floor?
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What tiles can be used to cover a 9 by 9 floor?

it would be 81 tiles

If your kitchen is 9'x10' how many 18'' floor tiles would you need to purchase to cover the floor?


How many 18x18 tiles to cover 720sq ft?

To cover 720 sq feet of floor with 18" x 18" tile, you would need 320 tiles.

If a room is 108 inches how many 6.5 inch tiles would you have to buy?

16 tiles but you'll still have 4 inches of floor to cover

What can i cover your garage floor with?

Swisstrax sells a good durable product that makes your garage look good. They sell interlocking tiles that are easy to install. The tiles are resistant to battery acid. I would recommend that you cover your garage floor with

How many 12 x 12 floor tiles are needed to cover 6x8 room?

If the floor tiles are measured in inches and the room is measured in feet then the tiles are 1sq feet and the room is 6x8 = 48 sq feet so you would need 48 tiles.

Can interlocking floor tiles be installed over carpet?

Interlocking floor tiles are not preferable used over carpet. The best surface to lay tile or any other flooring product is on a firm and solid surface that out give. Carpet goes down when you step on and makes it so the interlocking tiles will eventually come unlocked by stepping on it. I would not recommend that you install any type of flooring until your carpet is taken out. However if your looking for a good interlocking floor tile I would recommend Swisstrax. They have a great product. And they are great to work with. Sources:

How many tiles with 1 ft sides would cover a floor 25 ft by 12 ft?


How many 9 inch square tiles would be required to cover a square floor that is 18 by 18?


How many 60X60 square inch tile would cover 20X20 floor?

If that is 60" tiles it would take 16 total.

How many 1 foot by foot square tiles would be needed to cover a floor that is 17 feet long?

you need to know how wide the floor is in addition to how long. Number of tiles is lenght x width

How many tiles with sides 1 foot long would be needed to cover the floor of a 10 foot by 15 foot room?

Assuming the tiles are 1 foot squares, you would need 10*15 = 150 tiles.

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