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You need to work out the area of the floor which is 5.5*5 = 27.5ft2

Your floor tiles are 1ft2 each so you need 27.5 of them. Generally you can't get half tiles so you'd need 28 and cut one in half.

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Q: How many 1ft by 1 ft tiles are required to floor area of 5.5 ft by 5 ft?
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How many nine-inch square floor tiles are required for a room that is 15'3'' by 10'9''?

291.43 tiles

How many tiles of size 20 cm x 10 cm will be needed to cover a floor of dimensions 300cm X 50 cm?

No. of tiles =Area of floor / Area of tiles. area of floor = 300 X 50 sq cm. area of tiles = 20 X10 sq cm.hence, no. of tiles = 300 X50 /200 =75

How many 20 cm x 20 cm tiles required for a floor 6 meters long and 4 meters wide?

The area of the floor is 240,000 cm2, and the area of each tile is 400 cm2, so divide 240,000 by 400 and get 600. You'll need 600 tiles.

How many square inches are in a floor tile?

Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.

How many floor tiles that measure 3 by 6 inches are required for 120 square feet?


How many tiles are needed to tile a bathroom?

depends how big the tile is (area) and how big the batroom floor is (area)

How many tiles needed to cover the floor?

The amount of tiles needed to cover a floor will depend on the size of the floor.

How many tiles are needed to tile the floor of?

that question depends on how big your tiles are and how big your floor is

How many 9 inch square tiles would be required to cover a square floor that is 18 by 18?


3/4 square feet. How many tiles are required to cover 200 square foot floor?


How many 10 cm by 20 cm tiles will you use in 167square meters?

area of tiles = 10 x20 =200 sq cm. area of floor =1670000 no.of tiles = 1670000 /200 =880000

How many three inch tiles can you fit on a floor that is six feet by five feet?

120 tiles because the area of the floor is 30 square feet. If you can fit four tiles into one square foot then you could fit 120 tiles in 60 square feet.

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