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that question depends on how big your tiles are and how big your floor is

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Q: How many tiles are needed to tile the floor of?
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How many tiles are needed to tile a bathroom?

depends how big the tile is (area) and how big the batroom floor is (area)

Moira is going to tile the bathroom floor She knows that the smaller the tiles are the more tiles she will need to cover the floor?

The number of tiles needed to cover the floor is a function of the size of the tiles

How many tiles are needed to tile the floor of 9 meter square if the tile is 3 centimeters?

Till Size required (i.e 3*?)

What is the minimum number of identical square tiles needed to tile a rectangular floor measuring 24x30?

20 tiles.

How many kitchen floor tiles are needed to tile a kitchen floor that is 12ft by 14ft but there is a 2ft by 4ft area that wont be tiled?


What is a good name for a tiles business dealership?

Square Deals! the floor tile superstore. Floor Tiles by design, All the pretty tiles! Floor Tiles R US Floor tiles & More Your City Tile! Miles O tiles! Decorator tiles for you

What is the difference between a wall tile and a floor tile?

wall tiles are used on walls. floor tiles are used on floors. if you want to interchange. you can make the wall tile as floor tile and vice-versa

Have 30 square feet to cover with 13 x 13 tile how many tiles will be needed?

The best way to figure out how many 13x13 tile will be needed to cover 30 sf of floor is to calculate 13x13/144 give coverage per tile (1.1736), then take 30/1.736 = 25.56 tiles.

How many square inches are in a floor tile?

Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.

How many square tiles of a side length 1cm are needed to tile the floor of a bathroom 2.2m long and 1.8 m wide?

39,600 of them.

How many square vinyl tiles 20 cm on a side are needed to cover a floor 6m by 5m?

Lets do length and width in terms of tiles. The length is 6m/0.2m/tile 30 tiles and the width is 5m/0.2m/tile 25 tiles. Then the area is l X w 30 tiles X 25 tiles 750 square tiles. Since each tile is square, 750 tiles.

How many six-inch square tiles are needed to tile the floor in a room that is 12 feet by 18 feet?

Floor area = 12 ft x 18 ft = 216 square feet. There are 4 six-inch square tiles needed for each square foot, so 864 tiles are needed.

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