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4 sided figures are quadrilaterals some of which are a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram, a kite ... etc

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Q: How many 4 sided figures?
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Are 4 sided figures parallelograms?


What are all 4 dimensional figures?

There are none to be seen but if you meant 4 sided figures then they are quadrilaterals

What is a 4 sided figures prefix?

Quad- or tetra-

What are 4 sided figures called in maths?


What are the different kinds of 4 sided figures angles in a polygon?


Are quadrilaterals closed figures?

Yes quadrilaterals are 4 sided closed figures or polygons

DefinitionWhat is the difference between a traipizoid and a parrololegram?

A parrolulegram is all 4 sided figures, and trapizoid is not a 4 sided figure?

How many four sided figures are in this diagram?


What is the inverse of all quadrilaterals are four-sided figures?

There exists at least one quadrilateral which is not 4-sided.

Can all 4 sided figures be made from 2 triangles?


What is a 4 sided figure with 90 angles?

A square and a rectangle are 4 sided figures each having 4 interior 90 degree angles

What figures are 4 sided?

a square and a rectangle. Also: trapezium trapezoid parallelogram to have a 4-sided figure, angles don't have to be 90 degrees.

What is the name for all four-sided figures?

All four-sided figures are quadrilaterals.

Can you draw more figures with 3 sides or with 4 sides?

three sided figures consist of only triangles, while a four sided figure consists of any quadrilateral, so you can draw more figures with 4 sideds than with 3

Are all 5-sided figures similar?

No. There are some figures that don't have a name that are five sided.

What is the name of a 4 sided figur called?

Four sided figures are called quadrilaterals. They are usually squares, rectangles, trapizoids, etc..

What is the name for a four sided figure?

There are many four sided figures that are named some are:squarerectangletrapezoidparallelogramrhombkiteAll of these are called quadrilaterals

Are all six sided figures hexagons?

All six-sided two dimensional figures are hexagons.

3 sided figuers?

3 sided figures are triangles.

What are Five sided figures?


Group of polygons that contains squaresrectangles and 4 sided figures without equal sides?


Is a rhombus and trapezoid both 2-dimensional figures?

Yes and they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals

How many significant figures are in 4.065?

4 significant figures.

How many diagonals has a 4 sided figure?

A 4 sided quadrilateral has 2 diagonals.

How many degrees are in a parallogram-?

Parallelograms are four sided figures. There are 360 degrees in a parallelogram.