How many 4x4 tile do you need for 56 square feet?

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You can fit nine 4x4 tiles in one squre foot (3 tiles wide by 3 tiles long). 56 square feet times 9 = 504. Add about 10% for cutting a/o waste (50 tiles) and you should buy around 550 tiles to complete the job. Good luck.

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Q: How many 4x4 tile do you need for 56 square feet?
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If you had 2.25 square feet in tile and needed to fill in 56 square feet how many more tile would you need?

Another 53.75 square feet of tile would be needed.

How many tiles would you need to tile a floor that is 10ft by 10ft?

You can't answer how many tile you need since the size of the tile wasn't provided in the question. You will need 100 square feet of tile to cover the area and 10 square feet extra for cuts, breaks, and mistakes. Buy 110 square feet of tile.

How many square feet in 12X24 tile?

2 square feet per tile.

How many tile 12x12 will i need for 49 sq ft?

12X12=1 Square Foot of tile. You would need 49 Square Feet of tile.

How many sq feet of 12x24 tile do you need to cover a floor that is 8ftx8ft?

Each tile will cover 2 square feet. You have 64 square feet. You will need 32 tiles.

How many square feet in a 8x8 tile?

0.44444 square feet per tile.

How many 16in square tile you would need for 368 square feet?

about 276.

How many 12x12 square feet tile will it take to cover 542 square feet?

Each tile covers a square foot. So you need 542, plus some for spoilage and cutting.

How many square feet in a 8x12 tile?

About 0.67 sq feet per tile.

16ft by 11ft 8in is how many square feet?

Living room 16 feet long by 11 feet wide. How many square feet of wood tile do i need?

How many boxes of tile do you need for 575 square feet if tile is 10.76 a box?

The number of boxes required is575/number of square feet covered by the tiles in one box .

How many square feet are in 26x26 inch tile?

4.694 square feet.

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