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Another 53.75 square feet of tile would be needed.

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Q: If you had 2.25 square feet in tile and needed to fill in 56 square feet how many more tile would you need?
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How many 19.7 floor tile is needed to fill 140 square feet?

You would need 8.

How many 4 inch tiles are needed to fill 165 square feet?


How many square feet of sand are needed to fill a 10' by 3' by 18 sandbox?

540 feet2

How much fill dirt is needed to cover 250 square feet?

The answer will depend on the depth to which the area is covered.

How many one inch pebbles needed to fill 187 square feet?

26928 pebbles for the minimum depth.

How many cubic feet of corn would be needed to fill a cardboard box that is 6 feet 4 feet 2 feet?

You would need 48 cubic feet of corn.

How many 8 inch by 8 inch blocks needed to fill 1000 square feet?

I think perhaps 2250 blocks .

How many liters does it take to fill 10500 square feet?

It depends on how high you would like to fill it. You see, a liter is a 3-dimensional measure of volume (like a cubic foot is), and a square foot is a 2-dimensional measure of area. So, for example, to fill an area of 10,500 square feet to a height of 1 foot, you would need 297,326.889 liters.

How much crushed stone needed to fill 192 square feet and 4 inches deep?

64 cuft, about 2 and a third cubic yards

How much sand is needed to fill a sandbox 8 feet to a depth of 18 inches?

Assuming that the sandbox is square, one would need 96 cubic feet of sand. This was calculated using the formula length x width x depth.

How many panels of 15 square feet will fill 198 square feet?

13.2, you need to buy 14.

What volume of sand will be needed to fill a sandbox that is 3 feet by 4 feet by 1.5 feet?