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Assuming they are 8 inch*16 inch blocks,

144 square feet = 144*12*12 square inches.

So number of blocks required = 144*12*12/(8*16) = 162

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Q: How many 8x16 cement blocks would it take to cover 144 square feet area?
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How many square feet does one yard of cement cover?

It depends on the thickness of slab. A yard of cement contains 9 cubic feet. Thus, it would cover 9 square feet if the slab was 1 foot thick. For a 4 inch thick slab, it would cover 3 times as much area, or 27 square feet.

How many blocks 12x12 do you need to cover 240 sq ft?

12 x 12 blocks (assumed as 12 inch x 12 inch) That means the blocks are 1 square foot each Hence to cover 240 square feet area, you would need 240 blocks

How many patio blocks will it take to cover 80 sq ft?

Not counting the space for sand between the blocks, it would take11,520/(area of each block in square inches)blocks.

How many cement blocks would it take to build a 10764 feet wall perimeter at 8 feet high?

The answer depends on the size of the cement blocks which are not an international standard.

Why is pitch filled in between the cement blocks of the pavement?

Because in summers the cement blocks stsrt expanding due t o excessive heat, So to stop it we fill pitch betwwen them which hold the blocks tightly and stop them to contract in winters.if there would be continuous expansion and contraction the cemen blocks would have cracks and they would break down.

How many 16 foot by 16 foot concrete blocks are in 1238 square foot?

A 16 foot by 16 foot block has an area of 256 square feet. It would require 4.836 16 foot by 16 foot blocks to cover an area of 1238 square feet.

What area would three square feet cover?

Three square feet would cover one square yard or 36 square inches.

How much does a 60lb of cement mix cover?

That would depend on how thinly you spread it.

How much cement paint is needed to paint 1000 sq feet wall?

Need more info. Would need to know how many square feet one container of cement paint can cover. For example, if one container could paint 100 square feet, you would need 10 containers of paint: 1000/100=10

How much area would a bag of cement in concrete cover if thickness is 6 inches?

Spread it evenly, then leave your hands in the cement for 4-6 hours to spread excess cement.

How many square feet do 100 2 X 4 tiles cover?

If that is 2' x 4' it would cover 800 square feet. If it is 2" x 4" it would cover about 5.5 square feet.

How many 12 x 12 blocks to fill an 14' x 14' area?

If the blocks are 12 inches x 12 inches then each block measures 1 square foot. An area of 14 feet x 14 feet has a surface area of 196 square feet, so it would require 196 of the 12" x 12" blocks to cover it.

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