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UNICEF estimates the number of orphans at 210 million in the world by 2010. This includes the estimated 86 million orphans in India, 44 million orphans in Africa and 10 million orphans in Mexico.

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Q: How many Number of orphans in the world?
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How many orphans are in the world?

No one knows exactly how many orphans are in the world because the number changes constantly. Estimates say that about 152 million children are orphaned world-wide.

Which country has the most number of orphans?

Zimbabwe has the most orphans in the world percentage wise. 13 percent

What country has the most female orphans in the world?

The country with the most the most female orphans is Belgium. The orphans learn how to make a mean belgium waffle. It is also believed that many orphans posses the ability to make the best cherry syrup in the world.

When was New World Orphans created?

New World Orphans was created on 2009-01-13.

How many orphans are there in Kenya?

There are 2,500,000 orphans in Kenya.

How many pages does When We Were Orphans have?

When We Were Orphans has 313 pages.

What impact did the Titanic have on the world?

Many males were lost leaving behind many widows and orphans.

How many orphans are there in the world?

dont know the numbers, maybe No one Knows. but I am sure its TOO MANY

what do orphans where?

Orphans wear any number of different kinds of clothing, depending on where they live. Orphans are only those without parents. Many live in foster homes and wear normal, everyday clothing. Some are homeless and wear rags.

How many British orphans were sent to Australia during World War 2?


How many pages does Orphans of Chaos have?

Orphans of Chaos has 320 pages.

How many orphans are there in Africa?

There are roughly over 600,000 orphans on the continent of Africa.

How many kids don't have parents?

As of 2014, there are an estimated 153 millionorphans in the world!

How do orphans become orphans?

orphans become orphans when they lost their parents

Are most of the orphans in the world being adopted by gay couples?

No. Most orphans go to straight couples, particularly in 2014, now that Russia will not allow gay couples to adopt their orphans.

How many children lost their parents in World War 2?

There is no exact number of how many children lost their parents during World War 2, but it is estimated that some one million children ended up orphans. People were killed not only in the battles but also in the bombing of cities.

How many orphans are in India?


Are there many orphans in China?


How many orphans are there in the world today?

Over 132 million according to UNICEF and other sources suggest closer to 143-163 million world wide

How many orphans are in Africa?

about 11 million

How many orphans died in Haiti?


How did Mother Teresa get five kids?

Mother Teresa had no children of her own. She did take in a number of orphans, however. Many more than five.

How many children in Victorian times were orphans?

Well there were lots of people living in England and majority of Britain were poor and homeless. There were so orphans back then but you can say that there over million orphans living back then.

What happened to the Jewish orphans in Germany after World War 2?

They died

How many orphans ars there?

approximately 108 million