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1 square mile = 640 acres

2 miles x 5 miles = 10 square miles = 6,400 acres

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Q: How many acres are in a piece of property that measures 2 miles by 5 miles?
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How many acres in a 5 miles square piece of property?

3,200 acres.

If a piece of land that measures 5280 feet by 5280 feet how many acres is it?

640 acres

How many acres is a piece of property if it is 132 feet by 900 feet?

Answer: 118,800 ft² = 2.72727 acres

If you have a piece of property 785 feet by 600 feet by 785 feet by 600 feet how many acres is it?

Answer: 10.8126 acres.

How many acres in a square 1.5 miles long by a half mile wide?

There are 640 acres in a square mile and 1.5 by .5 miles is .75 square miles. Therefore, there are 480 acres in a piece of land 1.5 by .5 miles.

How many miles is 42 acres?

it takes 640 acres to make a square mile. 42 acres = .15625 square miles an acre is approx 208.71 feet squared if you had 42 acres end to end, you would have a piece of land that is 1 acre x 42 acres deep or approx 208.71 feet wide x 5009.05 feet deep, which would equal about .039 miles x .95 miles deep. hope this helps

What linear dimensions make 5 acres of land?

Infinite combinations of length/width will result in 5 acres. Some exampes to consider: If you assume it is a square piece of property, then it is 467 feet on each side. If you assume it is a long rectangular piece of property with say, 100 feet on the road, then the sides would be 2187 feet long.

If a piece of land is 5 acres how many feet by how many feet would that be?

If you have a piece of land that is a perfect square of 5 acres it would be four equal sides of 466.7 feet. The total number of square feet for a piece of land that is 5 acres is 217800.

What is one-fifth interest in 225.461 acres?

A one-fifth interest in a piece of land means that you own 20% of it, but it does not mean that you own a specific 45.0922 acres of the 225.461 acres. It means that you will receive 20% (one fifth) of the income produced by the property, and 20% of the sale price if you and the other co-owners sell it.

What is the name of someone that measures land to determine size and borders?

A surveyor is the job title of a person who measures the borders of a piece of land to determine the size. The surveyor can also draw a map of the property to determine the legal border.

How many acres in piece of land that is 2610 feet long and 300 feet wide?

17.975 acres.

200 feet wide and how long to make 53 acres?

Wow. That is an unusual piece of property... here goes: 43,560 sq ft x 53 = 2,308,680 / 200 = 11,543.4 so, your property would be 200' x 11,543.4'

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