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Infinite combinations of length/width will result in 5 acres. Some exampes to consider:

If you assume it is a square piece of property, then it is 467 feet on each side.

If you assume it is a long rectangular piece of property with say, 100 feet on the road, then the sides would be 2187 feet long.

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2009-12-21 20:11:56
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Q: What linear dimensions make 5 acres of land?
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What linear dimensions make five acres square of land?

A square-shape plot of land that is five acres would have four sides each measuring 466.69 feet long.

What linear dimensions make a plot of land?

A plot of land is defined by its length and widthassuming it's rectangular. More complicated shapes require more dimensions to accurately define it.

How many acres of land make up the US?

The US has 2,428,224,640 acres of land.

How many acres of land makes a football park?

5 acres of land make a football park

What Linear dimensions make 2.5 acres of land so we can put up fence around it?

You can't tell the linear dimensions from the area. There are an infinite number of shapes that all have the same area. Even if you only consider rectangles, there are still an infinite number of rectangles, all with different dimensions, that all have areas of 2.5 acres. The only thing you know for sure from the area is the area. 2.5 acres = 108,900 square ft. The shortest possible length of fence to enclose 2.5 acres occurs when the plot is a square, 330-ft = 1/16th of a mile on a side. For the square, you need 1,320-ft of fence. For 2.5 acres in any rectangular shape: -- Pick one dimension. Call it 'D' in feet. -- The other dimension is (108,900 / D) feet. -- You'll need (2D + 217,800/D) feet of fence to enclose it.

What linear dimensions make five acres of land. This is so we can put up a fence around the five acres?

ok - I was just looking for the same thing for the same reason and think I have come up with the answer. Assuming your 5 acres is rectanguar (2 acres accross and 2.5 acres deep) the dimensions should roughly be 416' x 520' (based on an acre being 208' and not an Irish acre which is about 60% larger than a US acre). I calculated a perimeter of 1,872', and at the cheapest I have found white vinyl fencing at $4.81 per foot - this works out to be just over $9,000!!! Think I'll start saving now :-(

How many Acres of land make one Hectare?

2.47 acres in 1 ha

How many acres of land make up the area of the Louisiana purchase?

529920000 acres

How many acres of land make up Quebec?

Quebec is 380800 acres in area

How many acres of land make a standard football stadium?

about 70 acres of ground area

How many acres of land does the White House have?

!8 acres make up the White House grounds.

How many acres of land make up Arizona?

114006 square miles times 640 acres in a square mile is 72,963,840 acres.

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