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I presume you mean 25 mm (25 millimeters) wide, not 25 mega-meters (25,000 km, which is about twice the diameter of the Earth), and that this is not a trick question about a shelf 1 m wide meaning deep, so the answer depends on what the length of the shelf is. A meter (I'll use my nation's spelling, you use yours!) is 1,000 mm, so we divide 1,000 by 25. The answer is 40.

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How many books in a shelf?


How many books can you put on an empty shelf?

One. After that it's not an empty shelf.

How many ways can seven books be arranged on a shelf if one of the books is an algebra text and it must be in the center?

it depends on the shelf of course

How many centimeters is 25mm?

2.5cm per 25mm

How many ways can you choose 2 books from 5 on a shelf?

You can wind up with 10 different pairs of books in your hand, which you can choose from a shelf of 5 books in 20 different ways.

How many km is 25mm?

2.5*10-5 km in 25mm

How many ways can 8 books be arranged on a shelf such that books on biology history and programming are never together?

The answer depends on how many books on each subject there are.

How many ways can a librarian arrange 5 books on a shelf?


How many books would fit in a cubic meter?

it depends on how big the books are.

How many books will fit in a square meter?

That depends on how big the books are :P

How many different ways can 4 books be arranged on a shelf?

24 ways

How many cubic meters of topsoil do you need to cover an area of 7200 meter squared at 25mm deep?

25 mm = 0.025 meterVolume = 7,200 m2 x 0.025 m = 180 m3

There are Five books on a shelf. How many different ways to arrange the books?

120. You do 5*4*3*2*1=120. you multiply the number that you are given for example how many times can books 3 be arranged on a shelf you multiply 3*2*1=6 that is your answer

How many meters is 25mm?


School library fit's 125 books on a shelf they buy 725 books more how many shelves will be needed to hold books?

6 shelves.

How many different ways can 4 books be arranged on one shelf?

24 times

How many different ways can three books be lined up on a shelf?

6 ways

How many different ways can you choose 5 books from a shelf containing 12 books?

792 different groups of 5 books, in 95,040 different sequences.

How many bullets in a 25MM hand gun?

There is no 25mm handgun. That is the size of an automatic cannon that is mounted on an armored vehicle.

How many centimeter's in one inch?


How many cm in 25mm squared?


2.5cm is equal to how many millimeters?


.25mm equals how many cm?


How many Ways can you arrange 2 of 6 books on a shelf from left to right?

30 ways.

How many ways can you arrange 5 books on a shelf order is important?

5 books can be lined up on a shelf in (5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) = 120 different sequences.