How many boxes have 4 side?

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i don't know!10

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Q: How many boxes have 4 side?
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Forty-eight pens are packaged in 4 boxes. How many pens are packaged in 9 boxes?

In 4 boxes there are a total of 48 pens. Divide 48 by 4 and this will give you how many pens are in 1 box. 48/4 = 12. To find how many pens are in 9 boxes multiply 12 by 9. 12x9 = 108. There are 108 pens in 12 boxes

Forty eight pens are packaged in 4 boxes. How many pens are packaged in 9 boxes?


John bought 4 boxes of soap detergent which was 15 as much as rick how many boxes could rick buy?

20 boxes

How many books can fit in 5 boxes?

a box can hold 4 books. how many books can 5 boxes hold?

How many boxes of 2cm can hold in a box of 8cm?


How many boxes have 4 sides?

i don't know!10

How many boxes of four can be made from 24 balls?

There will be a need for 6 boxes because 6*4 = 24

Storage Boxes?

form_title= Storage Boxes form_header= Keep everything together with boxes. How many boxes do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} What will the boxes be holding?*= _ [50] Where will you be storing the boxes?*= _ [50]

How many fuse boxes on a 2002 gmc envoy?

There are two fuse boxes on a 2002 Envoy One under the Rear seat on the drivers side and one under the hood on the drivers side.

How many cereal boxes are assembled in four minutes given the boxes are assemled at a rate of two boxes per second?

You need to multiply all of the following together:* 2 (boxes per second) * 60 (seconds in a minute) * 4 (total minutes)

How many boxes of envelopes can you buy with 12 if one box costs 3?

you can buy 4 boxes of envelopes with $12

How many fuse boxes does a 1995 V8 Firebird have and where are they?

two one in driver side of hood compartment and one on side of dash (driver side)

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