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There should not be any bricks in a bag of cement!

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Q: How many bricks are there in one bag of cement?
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How many cement grout bags per 1 cubic meter of concrete?

one bag

How many bags of cement in one cubic meter?

It would depend on how big the bag of cement is. 1 foot bags will be more in the cubic meter than 2 feet.

What is the number of bags of cement required in 1 cubic meter if 1 bag cement is to 4 bag gravel is to 6 bags sand mixture of concrete?

To properly answer this question, one would need to know the volume of a "bag", since "bag" isn't any standard of volume or weight. Typical Portland Cement has a density to 1505kg / cubic meter. In addition, one would also need to know the coarseness of the gravel, as the ability of the sand and cement to fill in the aggregate depends heavily on the average size of the gravel pieces.

How many bags of cement to make one ton of gunite?

A LOT! Gunnite is make by mixing cement, sand, and water in an approximate ratio of 1 part cement to 4-6 parts sand with 1 part water using a high pressure spraying mechanism. Please note that the major component in gunnite is SAND and not cement. With this as a guideline, a 50 pound bag of cement would be mixed with at least 200 pounds of cement (approximate total mixture weight of 250 pounds). Thus,it would require approximately 8 such mixtures to equal 2000 pounds (2000 divided by 250 = 8) and since there is one bag of cement per mixture, it would require around 8 bags or 400 pounds of cement. Furthermore, one 250 pound mixture (containing one bag of cement) will cover approximately 5 square feet at a depth of 1 inch. So, to build a pool of any decent size, you will need MANY TONS of gunnite. Hope this helps ...

How do you calculate bricks in cubic meter?

So you get the volume of one brick. Measure the length, width and height of one brick. Convert each to metres (/100 is you measured in centimetres). Now divide a cubic metre by the volume of 1 brick to get how many bricks would make a completely filled in cubic metre. Keep in mind, this method does not count any cement needed to secure the bricks