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Q: How many combinations can be formed by 5 bits in binary system?
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Why ASCII code is 0 to 255?

it's because it's 8 bits in binary system, 2^8 = 256 combinations from 0 to 255

How many combinations can be formed from 6 bits?

26 = 64

What are four binary units?

The four binary units are bit (binary digit), nibble (4 bits), byte (8 bits), and word (usually 16, 32, or 64 bits depending on the computer architecture).

How many combinations can be formed from 5 bits?

Each bit allows 21 combinations. Accordingly, n number of bits provide 2n combinations.Therefore, 5 bits provide 25 = 32 combinations. # 00001 # 00010 # 00011 # 00100 # 00101 # 00110 # 00111 # ...

What is the number of bits required for a binary code to represent 100 different combinations?

7 bits can show all 128 possible arrangements of 'yes' and 'no'. 6 bits can show only 64 possibilities.

How many bits in the binary system are represented by one digit in the hexadecimal system?


What numbering system is used as a shorthand way of represent strings of bits?


How many combinations of bits are exist when you make a truth table of 9 inputs?

9 binary input lines ==> 512 different input 'words'

What benefit does the binary digit have over decimal in ters of the internal operation of computer?

Binary is easier for the computer to understand. It is also easier to handle and is not costly.

What is the no of bits that can be expressed in binaryoctaldecimal and hexadecimal system?

Binary: 1 bit Octal: 3 bits Hexadecimal: 4 bits Decimal: somewhere between 3 and 4 bits. In theory, about 3.32 bits.

How many binary bits are necessary to represent 748 different numbers?

Binary bits are necessary to represent 748 different numbers in the sense that binary bits are represented in digital wave form. Binary bits also have an exponent of one.

What would the largest value in 8 bits be in binary?

The largest possible value using 8 bits in binary is actually quite simple. Binary is a numerical system that only uses 2 numbers (1 and 0) to determine value. Our system is decimal. (0-9) Now, a 'bit' is one number from the binary system. It can either be 1 or 0. So, 8 bits means using 8 digits in binary. 1 is greater than 0, so the largest value is 11111111. (8 'one's)