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Binary bits are necessary to represent 748 different numbers in the sense that binary bits are represented in digital wave form. Binary bits also have an exponent of one.

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Q: How many binary bits are necessary to represent 748 different numbers?
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What is difference between Binary numbers and Decimal Numbers?

Binary can only be 1 & 0. Decimal numbers have a dot in them. Binary numbers use only 2 symbols (0 and 1) to represent different numbers, while decimal numbers use 10 symbols (0 to 9) to represent different numbers. check the below link for more.

What two numbers represent a binary digit?

The only two numbers that represent a binary digit are 0 and 1

How do you convert letters to numbers?

There are many different systems of using numbers to represent letters. Binary is commonly used.

How does a computer represent numbers?

A computer represent numbers in binary code. For example, the number 17 would equal 10001 in binary code.

How do you describe O and K and A by binary number system?

In order to answer that, it would first be necessary to know the numbers that "O", "K", and "A" represent.

If a binary number needs to represent 10 different values how long must the numbers be in bits?


What integers are used to represent binary numbers?

0 and 1.

What is the answer of binary decimal plus binary?

If you want to add numbers in different bases, in this case decimal and binary, or do any other calculation that involves different bases for that matter, you have to convert all numbers to a single system first - for example, all to decimal. Then you can do the operation. It is really up to you in what base you represent the final answer. In this example, you can convert back to binary, for example.

What are the numbers in base 2?

Base two is also referred to as the binary number system.In the decimal system we use 10 different digits (0 to 9) to represent numbers. However, all numbers in binary consist of a combination of only 2 different digits; a "0" and/or a "1".All numbers can be represented using only these 2 digits.

What letters do binary code represent?

All letters can be represented in binary, however binary code is represented only by the numbers 0 and 1.

The binary number system uses the numbers?

It uses all numbers although it only uses the digits 0 and 1 to represent them.

Is binary numbers is the internal language of computer?

A computer only understand binary, which is 0 as "off" and 1 as "on."

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