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Q: How many combinations of three one digit numbers equal 4?
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How many 5 digit combos in 30 numbers?

The answer will depend on how many digits there are in each of the 30 numbers. If the 30 numbers are all 6-digit numbers then the answer is NONE! If the 30 numbers are the first 30 counting numbers then there are 126 combinations of five 1-digit numbers, 1764 combinations of three 1-digit numbers and one 2-digit number, and 1710 combinations of one 1-digit number and two 2-digit numbers. That makes a total of 3600 5-digit combinations.

What are the different combinations of three digit numbers using 0-9?


How many three digit numbers have the sum of their numbers equal to 5?

30,25,15,20, or 10.

How many three digit combinations can be made from the numbers 9 3 and 1?

6 ways: 931,913,139,193,391,319

How many three digit numbers is average of three digits equal to 2?


6 digit combination from 1 to 42?

There are 28706 such combinations. 5456 of these comprise three 2-digit numbers, 19008 comprise two 2-digit numbers and two 1-digit numbers, 4158 comprise one 2-digit number and four 1-digit numbers and 84 comprise six 1-digit numbers.

How many three-digit numbers have the hundreds digit equal to 4 and the units digit equal to 5?

10   You can only have one choice, the number 4 as the hundred digit and also one choice, the number 5 as the units digit. However, you can have any integer from 0-9 as the hundreds digit. The number of combinations is thus 1 x 10 x 1 = 10.

How many 2 digit combinations can be made from 3 numbers combined?

Only three: 12, 13 and 23. Remember that the combinations 12 and 21 are the same.

How many three digit numbers equal 17?

There are no three-digit numbers that equal 17. In fact, there are no numbers with more or less than two digits that equal 17. In fact, in the whole infinite supply of numbers, there is only one single number that equals 17. That number is . . . . . . . 17 .

How many three digit numbers have the sum of their digits equal to 22?


What three prime numbers equal 18?

Three possible combinations: 17+1, 13+5 and 7+11.

How many different three digit number combinations can be made with 0-9 with no repeat numbers when order of the number does not matter?