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1 ton barmateck log=cft?

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Q: How many cubic feet would 1 ton of gold cover?
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How many cubic feet are there in a ton of gold?

1.953125 cubic feet

What are the technical specs of the Whirlpool gold refrigerator?

The technical specs of the Whirlpool Gold refrigerator are as follows: total capacity: 26.4 cubic feet; refrigerator capacity: 16.4 cubic feet; freezer capacity: 9.9 cubic feet.

What is the volume of all the gold in the world?

seventy cubic feet

Would a ounce of gold cover the Melbourne Cricket Ground?

One ounce of gold can be beaten into 300 square feet of gold leaf; a cricket wicket is 22 yards (66 feet) by 10 feet or 660 square feet. So one ounce wouldn't even cover half the wicket.

How many pounds will a 5.5 cubic feet freezer hold?

That completely depends on what's in the freezer. -- 5.5 cubic feet of air . . . 6.8 ounces -- 5.5 cubic feet of ice . . . 340 pounds -- 5.5 cubic feet of ground beef . . . 320 pounds -- 5.5 cubic feet of gold . . . 6,460 pounds

How many cubic feet would 3.000 tons of gold cover?

1 ft^3 would be 1 cubic feet 1 ft^3 = 30.48 cm^3 density of gold at 20 degrees Celsius and 1013 mbar = 19.3 g/cm^3 1 m^3 = 1 ton (of water) 3000 tons = 3000000000 g to get the gold mass' size one has to divide the mass by the density therefore 3000000000/19.3 = 155440414.5g therefore 3000 tons of gold will fit into 1554.404145m^3 100 cm / 30.48 cm = 1250/381 or 3.280839895 (the factor you will need to convert meters to ft by division. now one just have to convert the m^3 to ft^3 1554.404145 m^3 / 3.280839895 = 47378.23834 ft^3 3000 tons of gold will fit into 47378.23834 cubic feet.

How much gold has been mined in human history?

It's hard to believe, but if all the gold ever mined was weighed, it would amount to between 140,000 and 160,000 tons. That would be a cube of approximately 62 feet on a side. A cubic inch of gold weighs 11.06 oz.

How many pounds in 2.4 cubic foot?

That completely depends on what substance is in the cubic feet. If the volume is empty, then it weighs zero pounds. If it's full of water, then it weighs roughly 150 pounds. If it's 2.4 cubic feet of gold, then it weighs about 2,865 pounds.

How much pound is 20 cu ft?

A cubic foot is a measure of volume (size). A pound is a measure of weight. The amount of weight that can fit in 20 cubic feet is different for different things. For example, a box with a volume (size) of 20 cubic feet, filled with solid gold, would weigh more than a box with the same size but filled with feathers.

What is the mass of a cubic meter of gold?

The mass of gold is 19.32 grams per cubic cm. A cubic meter of gold has 1,000,000 cubic cm in it , which equals 19,320 Kilograms or 8,782 pounds.

Which has a greater density a cubic meter of snow or cubic meter of wood or cubic meter of gold or cubic meter of feathers packed tightly?


What is 16 cubic feet converted into kilograms?

That completely depends on what substance fills the cubic feet. If it's air, then there are very few kilograms of mass in that space. If it's water, then there are about 453 kilograms of mass in that space. It's it's stones or gold, then there are a lot more kilograms of mass in it. If the cubic feet are empty, then there are no kilograms in them at all.

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