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It depends on how deep it is.

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Q: How many cubic yards of traffic bond are needed for an area 16 feet by 16 feet?
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How much sand is needed for 25'x13'x1.5 area?

18 cubic yards or 487.5 cubic feet.

How many cubic yards in an area 24ft x 24ft x 2.5ft?

53.33333333 cubic yards. I think. Wouldn't you divide your numbers by three to get yards and then multiply those answers together to get the area in cubic yards??

What is the formula for converting square yards to cubic yards?

multiply the number of square yards - which is an area - by the average height in yards to get the volume in cubic yards

If you figured an area is 600 cubic yards how many yards of dirt do you need to fill that area?

It will take 800 cubic yards 1/3 compaction.

How many cubic yards are in an area 500ftX20ftx6inches?

a cubic yard is 27 cubic ftyou have 5,000 cubic ft5,000 / 27 = 185.2 cubic yards

How many yards of dirt needed to fill an area 14feet by 14feet by 1 foot?

27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yardVolume = (14-ft x 14-ft x 1-ft) = 196 cubic feet = 7.26 cubic yards (rounded)

How many yards of sand is needed to cover a 20' x 40' x 2 area?

133.3 cubic feet

How many yards of mulch is needed to cover a play area 60' x 35'?

That's 13 cubic yards of mulch for every 2 inches deep.

How many cubic yards are there in this area of 31 feet by 5 feet by 14 inches?

6.7 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards will fit in the area of a 12' x 3' x 6?

72 cubic yards

How many square yards of concrete is needed for an area that is 1600 square feet at four inches deep?

You cannot "fill" a cubic measurement with a square measurement.I think you meant cubic yards.1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet.Your concrete slab is 1600 x 4/12 cubic feet = 533.333333... cubic feet.533.333333... cubic feet / 27 = 19.753 cubic yards (rounded to third decimal).

How many cubic yards are in 27 square yards?

That makes no sense. -Square yards is AREA. -Cubic yards is VOLUME . They are totally different. (However, 3 yards cubed, i.e. 3 yards x 3 yards x 3 yards = 27 CUBIC yards)