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15 lines.

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Q: How many different lines can be drawn using 6 points if no 3 of which are collinear?
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How many lines can be drawn out of 14 points on a plane with no 3 or more points collinear?

There are 91 lines.

For 3 non collinear points how many straight lines can be drawn?

3 lines and one plane

How many different lines can be drawn if each line contains at least two of these points a b c d e?

10 lines, but only if no three of them are collinear.

Can nine straight lines can be drawn from nine collinear points?

Yes. You can draw infinitely many straight lines from each point.

How many different lines can be formed by three non-collinear points?


What is the least and maximum number of lines obtainable with 7 points?

depends on the position of the points if points are collinear, we have just only one line, the minimum number. If points are in different position (if any of the two points are not collinear) we have 21 lines (7C2), the maximum number of lines.

How many different lines are determined by 3 non collinear points?

Any three non-collinear points will define a single plane. A plane is composed of an infinite number of distinct lines.

Are complanar points collinear?

Not sure about complanar. Coplanar lines can be collinear but need not be.

How many different lines are determined by three collinear points?

As long as at least two of them are different points, exactly one line.

How many straight lines can be formed with 3 collinear points?

only 1 lines can contain 3 collinear points. Maybe you mean coplanar?

How many lines with 8 collinear points?


What is the definition of non collinear lines?

The definition of a non-collinear line is that this is a line on which points do not lie on one line. The opposite of this is a collinear point. Collinear points refer to three points that do fall on a straight line.

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