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The answer depends on the number. Note that the question does not require the solids to be in the form of cubiods (rectangular prisms).

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Q: How many different solids can you make if the number of cubes is prime?
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What are the prime cubes of the number 99?

The prime factors of 99 are 3 and 11. Their cubes are 27 and 1331.

What is the smallest number whose factors are cubes of two different prime numbers?

2 and 3 are the smallest prime numbers. So answer is 2^3 * 3^3 = 216

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None If you do a product with the 3 outcomes, then the number is not prime (it's a product) Even with 3 ones as 1 is not prime

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the least number is 210 which is divisible by four different prime numbers.

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Squares (or cubes or more) of prime numbers have one distinct prime factor, but if you're counting them individually, all composite numbers have at least two prime factors.

What number has five different prime factors?

Since there are an infinite number of prime numbers, there are infinite numbers with any given number of prime factors.

What is the least number that has 4 different prime factors?

Logically, the smallest number with 4 different prime factors would have to be the product of the smallest four prime numbers. So the smallest natural number with four different prime factors is 210 (2*3*5*7).

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