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If leading zeros are allowed (like 004 or 082), then there are 1000. Start with 000 and go to 999. If leading zeros are not used, then the lowest number is 100, so subtract off the first 100 numbers (000 through 099) so it's 900.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How many different values can be represented in 3 decimal digits?
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How many different values can be represented in 6 binary digits?

64 or 123

How many different values can be represented by 2 hexadecimal digits?

256 (162)

How many different values can be represented by 2 binary digits?

4 these are 00,01,10 and 11...

Any digit from zero to 9 can represent different values depending on its what?

These digits can be represented based on their Place Value Notation.

What is the value of the digits in the number 0.303?

The different digits have different values.

How many different values can be represented in 6 binary digits and why?

With 6 binary digits, you have 26 different possibilities. This is because there are two possibilities for each digit, and each digit is independent of the other digits - so you just multiply the possibilities for each digit together.

How does decimal value waste memory space?

A decimal digit requires 4 bits of memory space to represent all possible values. So N decimal digits will require 4N bits to store in decimal format. On the other hand, if the same N decimal digits were stored as a binary number, they should require log2(10N) bits, that is, about 3.32N bits. So storing the decimal representation uses about 20% more memory. To put it another way, 4 bits is capable of holding one of 16 different values. By using it to store decimal digits, it is only being used to hold one of 10 different values.

How are 381 and 813 different?

The two sets of digits have different place values.

How many different values can be represented by 4 binary digits?

24, or 16 (0 through 15) One binary digit (bit) can have 21 values (0 or 1). Two bits can have 22 values. Three bits can have 23 values. A five-bit number can have 25 values... and so on...

How many different values can be represented by 5 bits?

32 values. 2^5=32

How many place values for pi?

infinite number of digits after the decimal point -- pi does not have a finite value.

What is 456 equals 400 plus 50 plus 6?

Decomposition into decimal digits (or separating out into place values).

What does a repeating decimal mean on a blood test?

This is not possible. Blood test values are only measured to a few digits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of binary code decimal?

Advantage of binary over decimal: information can be recorded and stored in any dichotomous variable: magnetised or not magnetised (most electronic media), pit or no pit (optoelectronic media CDs/DVDs). For decimal it would be necessary to store as 10 different levels of magnetisation or depths of pits. Not so easy to make such a system error-free. Advantage of decimal over binary: fewer "digits" required. Every ten binary digits (1024 values) can be replaced by just a shade more than three decimal digits (1000 values). So the number of digits to be stored is less than a third.

How many different values can be represented by 12 bits?


What does product of digits mean?

Mutilply the values of the digits.

Where hexa decimal number is used?

These are used quite often to represent values stored in bytes - 1 byte is represented as two hexadecimal digits. For example, both the MAC address of a network card and the new IP addresses (IPv6) are usually shown as hexadecimal.

Why is it important to line up decimal?

It is irrelevant if multiplying or dividing decimal numbers. For addition and subtraction it is not sufficient: you need to line up the decimal points as well as the digits according to their place values. If you intend to simply align the decimal points then you may as well not bother. This is to ensure that addition or subtraction is carried out for digits with the same place value.

What are the first two digits of pi?

3.14 is usually what is used for pi, along with 3.1416 which is rounded up. The first two digits are 3.1 and the first two post-decimal values are 1 and 4.

What is the role of the decimal point?

The role of the decimal point is as a place holder. The place values of digits to its left are non-negative powers of ten while those to the right are negative powers of ten.

What is a degital?

Degital means of a clock or watch showing the time displayed on the digits rather then the hands or a pointer, expressed as a series of the digits 0 and 1, typically represented by values of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic polarization.

What is the decimal number 249 in base 16?

The number 249 in hexadecimal would be F9. The digits in base 16 correspond to powers of 16 rather than 10. For a two-digit number, the place values are 16 and 1, and the usable values are from 0 to 15, with values 10 through 15 represented by letters A (10) through F (15). F9 = (15x16) + (9x1) = 240 + 9

How do you spell digits?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "digits" (number values, or fingers).

How are decimal points related to place value?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. Digits to the left of the decimal point have place values which are positive powers of 10 or units, while those to the right have place values which are negative powers of ten.

What are the first 100 odd didgits?

There are no didgits. None! They do not exist! There are ten digits 0, 1, ... 9 which represent the first ten numbers. Beyond that, numbers are represented using the same ten digits but this is done using the idea of place values.