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It can have 4 digits, because the highest possible two digit numbers 99*99=9801.

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Q: How many digits can be the product of two digit numbers have to give examples to support your answer?
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How many digits can the product of two 2-digit numbers have?

4 Give examples to support your answer please.

How many two digits numbers are there in which the product of the digits is even?


How many digits can the product of 2-digit numbers have?

If you mean, "What is the largest number of digits possible in the product of two 2-digit numbers" then 99 * 99 = 9801, or 4 digits. Anything down to 59 * 17 = 1003 will have 4 digits.

What fraction of all 4 digits natural numbers have a product of their digits that is even?

67/72 of them.

Give examples to support your answer for How many digits can the product of two 2- digit numbers have?

The answer is 4. You get the answer by trying the example of the largest two digit number, 99. 99 x 99 = 9801. This has four digits, so you can't get more digits than this by multiplying two two digit numbers. * * * * * True, but you CAN have fewer: 10*10 = 100, which is only three digits! 1490 of the 8100 2 digit x 2 digit multiples have products of 3 digits, the rest have 4 digit products.

How many digits can the product of two 2 -digit numbers have?

from 3 digits (10x10) to 4 digits (99X99)

Find 5 four digit numbers such that the product of the digits of each four digit prime number are also prime?

You had me until "product." The product of 4 digits can't be prime.

What is the units digits of the product of the 1 000 smallest prime numbers?


What number has 24 as the product of its digits and the sum of its digits is a prime number?

There are two numbers that satisfy the criteria. 38 and 83

What does four digits numbers mean?

1234, 2637, 7777, 2727 are examples of a four digit number. So any random four numbers are four digits.

How many 3-digit whole numbers have digits whose product equals 24?


The product of two numbers is 2028 and their HCF is 13. if the numbers are of two digits find the numbers?

They are 39 and 52.