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3520 feet.

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Q: How many feet does a car traveling at 40mph cover in one minute?
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If a car is driving 40mph how many feet per second is it going?

It is traveling at about 58.66 feet per second.

If you were traveling 210 feet per minute at what mile per hour would you be traveling?

210 feet per minute = 2.39 mph

What is the rate in feet per minute of a car that is traveling 68mi?

68 mph = 5,984 feet per minute.

How long will it take a car traveling 40 miles per hour to travel 582 feet?

It will take approximately 9.92 seconds to travel 582 feet at 40mph.

How many feet per minute at ten miles per hour?

At 10 mph you are traveling 880 feet per minute.

How many feet does a car travel in one minute at 30 mph?

At 30 mph, a car is traveling at 2,640 feet per minute.

How many MPH are you traveling at a rate of 540 feet per minute?

You are traveling at 6.14 miles per hour.

A race car drives 230 mph how many feet per minute?

At 230 mph, the car is traveling at 20,200 feet per minute.

If you are traveling at 55 mph you will cover over 800 feet in 15 seconds?

YES. At 55 miles per hour you are traveling at 80.67 feet every second. This means that every 15 seconds you are traveling 1,210.05 feet.

Richard Petty wins a 500 mile race in four hours How many feet per minute was his car traveling?

He was averaging 11,000 feet per minute or 125 mph.

When traveling 204.5 mph how long does it take to cover 135 feet?

0.45 seconds.

What An ant is traveling at a speed of 2 inches per second. At this rate how many feet will it travel in 1 minute?

It will travel ten feet.