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To make a 4 ft diameter circle, you need to find its circumference. Since this is found by taking pi times the diameter, you would need approximately 12.57 ft.

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Q: How many feet in length does it take to make a 4 foot circle?
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How do you get the square foot of a circle?

You want the area of a circle, which is pi*r2 Just make sure your radius (r) is in feet and you answer will be square feet.

How many square feet is in a foot?

A square foot is a square with each side being 1 foot in length or 12 inches in length

I have 65 square feet of pavers What diameter circle will this make?

3.14 x (r x r) 9 foot diameter circle

Meg has 18 feet of ribbon that she wants to divide into of a foot pieces How many of a foot pieces are there in 18 feet?


What are the dimensions in feet length and width of 1000 square feet?

Any 2 numbers that multiply together to make 1000. Examples would be: Length 20 feet, width 50 feet. Length 100 feet, width 10 feet. Length 1 foot, width 1000 feet. And so on.

What is the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 7ft and circumference is 10ft?

There is a problem here. A circle with a 7-foot diameter has a circumference of 21.99 feet, not 10 feet.If the circumference is 10 feet, that would make the diameter 3.183 feet.

How many bricks do you need to make a 24 foot circle if each brick is 12 inches long?

The circumference of a circle with a 24 foot radius is 2*pi*24 = 150.8 ft (approx) The length of each brick is 12 inches = 1 foot. So 151 bricks are needed.

How far is a foot?

"1 feet" is not a proper term. It is either "one foot" or two or more "feet." Sometimes you will see "1 feet" on forms or other places, because the person who made the form or whatever did not make it so that the word would change to "foot" when it was just one. But it is still incorrect to say "one feet."

How many feet of rope does it take to make to make a 15 ft circle?

Assuming the 15 feet is the diameter of the circle. Formula to find the circumference of the circle is pi x diameter. 15 × 3.14 = 47.1 feet So the rope will be 47.1 feet long.

How many meter in 600 cubic feet?

That can't be converted - it just doesn't make sense. A meter is a unit of length; a cubic foot is a unit of volume.

How do you convert sqare feet to cubic feet?

It depends on how thick each square foot is! Actually, a square foot isn't "thick" at all, so you could theoretically stack up an infinite number of them and still not reach the one foot high you would need to make a cubic foot. (cubic feet) = (square feet) × (height in feet)

How many feet make 340 square foot?

Depends. Measuring in feet gives you a single dimension, length OR width. Combining BOTH dimensions then gives you square feet. A patio that is 10 foot wide and 34 feet long would be 340 square feet. 10 X 34 = 340. But then a patio that is 6.8 foot wide and 50 foot long would also be 340 square feet. Hope that helps. If not please re-ask your question a bit differently.