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Divide the 90 miles by 3600. That's the amount of miles you travel in a second. Then convert this from miles to feet.

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Q: How many feet would you travel in 1 second at 90 miles per hour?
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How many feet would you travel in 0.1 second if going 65 miles per hour in reaction time?

9.5333 feet

How many miles per hour would you travel if you ran 33 feet in one second?

22.5 miles per hour.

How many feet per second do you travel at 75 miles an hour?

75 miles per hour = 110 feet per second

How fast is 135 feet in per second?

If you go 135 feet in a second, you travel 135*60 feet in a minute:and you would travel 135*60*60 feet in an hour.5280 feet is a mile, so you would travel (135*60*60)/5280 miles per hour(135*60*60)/5280 = 92 mph (rounded)

How many feet per second is 171 miles per 5 hours?

171 miles is 902880 feet. There are 18000 seconds in 5 hours. So in one second, you would travel 50.16 feet, which is just under 50 feet and 2 inches.

How many miles per second will a train travel at 120 mph?

0.033 miles per second or about 174.24 feet per second.

How fast is 100kmh?

You'll travel 100 kilometers in an hours time. In miles, it's 62.1371 miles. So you would travel 100 kilometers in one hour, or 62.1371 miles, or 91.1344 feet per second, or 27.777.... meters per second.

How many feet would you travel in 2 seconds going 60 miles an hour?

60 miles per hour is 88 feet per second, so at 60 miles per hour you would travel 176 feet in two seconds.One mile is 5280 feet. One second is one 3600th of an hour. Therefore, one mile per hour is 5280 divided by 3600, or 1.4667 feet per second. Multiply that by 60 and then by 2, and you get 176 feet per two seconds at 60 miles per hour.

How long would it take you to go 1300 feet at 45 miles per hour?

45 miles per hour is equivalent to 66 feet per second. Therefore, it would take 19.7 seconds to travel 1300 feet.

If traveling at two feet per second how many miles have you traveled in one hour?

At two feet per second, you will travel 1.364 miles in one hour.

If a cars speed is 55 miles per hour how many feet per second did it travel?

80.67 feet per second.

How fast does light travel in feet?

983,571,056.43045 feet/second in a vacuum.