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Considering the lowest five digit hexadecimal number is 10000 (65,536) and the highest is FFFFF (1,048,575), there are 983,040 different hexadecimal numbers that are five digits.

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Q: How many five digit hexadecimal strings are there?
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This is a homework question, so I won't answer it directly.But a two-digit hexadecimal number can have 256 different values - 00 to FF - so with three of them you can combine any of the 256 values of the first color with any of the 256 values of the second and third color, for a total of 256 * 256 * 256 different combinations.Even though you can specify that many colors, it does not necessarily mean that the computer screen can show them all. See related link for more on web colors.

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Hexadecimal numbers are used in MAC addresses (hardware addresses) in computers. This gives an unlimited number of possible combinations to computer manufacturers. That way each PC in the world has a unique identifier. Esuka Endeley Hexadecimal is a number system using Base 16. It uses the digits from 0 to 9 and the letters from A to F, A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15. It enables very large numbers to be written with fewer characters. As computers have very large memories, addressing specific parts of them becomes a big task. Hexadecimal is used as a way of doing so. Sometimes if your computer crashes you will see an error message showing a number with letters in it. Those letters are always between A and F. Basically what it is saying is that there was a problem in memory at this point. Hexadecimal is used in many other ways in computers. One very common purpose is for colour codes in web pages. 6 digits are used, with 2 representing the amount of Red, 2 the amount of Green and 2 for the amount of blue. So if you want a lot of Red, but not much blue or green as a mix for your colour, the code could be something like FF0502. FF represents 255. If you do a web design course, specifically learning to use HTML for creating colours on your pages, you will learn more about this.