How many foot is a football field?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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360 feet

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Q: How many foot is a football field?
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Where do they measure the football field?

on the foot ball field

How many square foot is a football field?

3,ooo,ooo sf

Is a football field a foot or a yard?


How many inches in a foot ball field?

American football = 100 yards = 300 feet = 3600 inches

How do football cleats protect your foot?

They do not protect the foot, they give the wearer better traction to run of the field.

How many golfballs can you fit on a football field?

It takes about 19,884,993,775 golf balls to fill Jordan Hare Stadium

How many inches are in two football fields?

Two football fields are 7,200 inches long, if you count one football field as 100 yards. 2 football fields x 100 yards per football field x 3 feet in a yard x 12 inches in a foot = 7200 inches.

What is 'le terrain de foot' when translated from French to English?

"The football field" and "the soccer field" are English equivalents of the French phrase le terrain de foot. The masculine singular phrase also translates as "the football ground," "the football pitch." "the soccer ground" and "the soccer pitch" in English. The pronunciation will be "le teh-rehd foot" in Alsatian and Cevenol French.