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16 halfpint cartons of water are needed to fill the gallon container

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Q: How many halfpint cartons of water are needed to fill the gallon container?
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If you only needed only 1 cup of milk what is your best choice at the grocery store a quart container a pint container or a half gallon container?

a pint

When the mixture call for 2oz to a gallon liquid what if my container is 24oz?

24 oz is 3/16 of a gallon. You would need 3/8 oz of product for the 24 oz mixture. Unless you have a very precise way of measuring a part of an ounce, you might be better off making the mixture in a gallon container and transferring the mixture to your 24 oz container as needed.

How do you calculate the volume of concrete needed to fill a 55 gallon drum?

55 gallons of concrete fill a 55 gallon container.

How many ounces goes in a 32-1 gas an oil ratio?

if you are using gallon container ( for example) a gallon is 128oz . divide the number of ounces of the container by the ratio which is 32:1. so divide 32 into 128oz. the answer is how much oil in ounces is needed for 32:1. that's the way for all ratios.

How do you become a supplier for The Container Store?

By supplying the company with the material needed to manufacture the container.

16 ounces in a gallon?

yes there is 16 ounces in 1 gallon. everybody that needed this your welcome!

How many qts is needed to make a gallon?

Four of them.

How much does a gallon of water cost?

It depends where you are and why it is needed.

Quarts of milk needed to make gallon of ice cream?

1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 0.25 gallon

How many fluid ounces are needed to fill a gallon container?

It depends where you are: In the UK: 1 gallon = 1 imperial gallon = 8 imperial pints = 8 × 20 fl oz = 160 fl oz In the US: 1 gallon = 1 US gallon = 8 US pints = 8 × 16 fl oz = 128 fl oz.

How many pints of water is needed to fill a 6 gallon bucket?

48 pints are needed.

How many 250 ml cartons of apple juice must Mrs Bates buy in order to fill a jug of capacity 2 liters?

there are 1000ml in a litre. therefore 2x1000 = 2,000ml 2000/250 gives 8. 8 cartons needed

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