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There are 11 integers between -4 and 8.

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Q: How many integers are there between the numbers negative 4 and 8?
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How many integers are there?

an infinite number. integers are all whole numbers, negative numbers and positive numbers.

What is the number of non-square numbers between 2 consecutive numbers?

There is no such thing as consecutive numbers because numbers are infinitely dense. Between any two numbers there is another and so there is no such thing as a "next" number.There are no integers (square or non-square) between any two consecutive integers. There are infinitely many numbers between any two consecutive integers and, if the integers are non-negative, every one of these will be a square of some number so the answer is none. If the integers are negative then the infinitely many numbers will have a square root in the complex field but not in real numbers. In this case the answer is either none or infinitely many, depending on the domain.

Are integers counting numbers?

No- not exactly. Negative integers are not counting numbers. Positive integers are identified with counting numbers. Many authors like to start with zero as a counting number.

How many integers are between the numbers 4and8?

None. But there are three integers there.

How many integers are there between 1 to 100 and which are they?

All numbers from 1 to 100 which are whole numbers are integers

How many negative integers are between -6 and 3?


Name the sets of numbers to which negative 10 belongs?

Of the "standard sets" -10 belongs to: ℤ⁻ (the negative integers) ℤ (the integers) ℚ⁻ (the negative rational numbers) ℚ (the rational numbers) ℝ⁻ (the negative real numbers) ℝ (the real numbers) ℂ (the complex numbers) (as ℤ ⊂ ℚ ⊂ ℝ ⊂ ℂ). Other sets are possible, eg the even numbers.

Which set of numbers would answer how many dolphins in the ocean?

Counting Numbers, Whole Numbers. You can't use Integers as that includes Negative numbers and there isn't a negative number of dolphins.

How many numbers are there between 145 to 155?

There are infinitely many numbers between any two numbers. But there are only 9 integers between them.

Is the quotient of 5 and -30 an integer or a rational number?

The quotient of 5 and negative 30 is both. Rational numbers and integers include many of the same numbers. Integers are positive and negative counting numbers, but rational numbers include nonrepeating decimals and fractions.

Is it possible to count the number of rational numbers there are between any two integers?

No. There are infinitely many rational numbers between any two integers.

What set of numbers does the number -6 belong to?

It belongs to infinitely many sets. Some notable sets to which it belongs include:* Integers * Negative integers * Rational numbers * Real numbers * Complex numbers