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Well, as it implies you can cover 60 km per hour driving at the speed of 60km. So if you drove for two hours, you could go 120 km.

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Q: How many km can you cover at 60km per hour?
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How many does a giraffe run per hour?

They can run about 60km/h, if that is what you're asking.

How long does it take a car to travel 30 km at 60km per hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 30 km/60km per hour = 1/2 hour or 30 minutes

What is the rate of kilometers per hour in 60Km per 1.5 hours?

40 km/h

What is the speed in km pH if you travel 1km in 1minute?

It is 60km per hour.

If a car is travelling South at 60km per hour with a wind of 60km per hour South as well and the driver stuck their arm out of the window would they feel any wind?

No. The car's "airspeed" ... its speed relative to the air ... would be zero.

A car travels west for 240km in 4h What is the cars velocity?

60km per hour west.

What are the fish that spread their wings and soar into the air at about 60km per hour called?

flying fish

How long would it take you to drive 85 km at 60km per hour?

85 minutes.

How do you convert 81 percent into a franction?

For this question, we can look at an everyday example. I'm driving at 60km per hour. This means i am driving 60km every hour. Or, 60km over 1 hour (per=ontop of or over). So we can think of per-cent as per=over and cent=100. Century is 100 years. --Cent is latin for 100. So to answer your question 81 percent to a fraction, would have to be 81 (per) over 100. 81/100 = 0.81 = 81% we divide by 100.

Which is longer 60km or 60 miles per hour?

I don't think we understand the same thing by "longer"...

What is faster 60km or 60 miles per hour?

60 mph = 100 kmph, so mph

If you are travelling at 60 kms per hour how long does it take you to travel 6 kms?

at 60kmph you cover 60 km so at 10% of the speed you cover 6km. 10% of 60km is 6km and 10% of 60kmph is 6km. 6km= 1 hour at 6kmph or 10% of an hour at 60kmph or in time terms 6mins. the answer is 6mins.