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Infinitely many. But only one straight line in a plane.

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Q: How many lines can you draw though points A and B?
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How many lines can you draw through two points?


Given two points how many lines can you draw between them?


Give two points how many lines can you draw between them?


How many lines can you draw through three given points taking two at a time if the points are collinear?


How many different lines can you draw through a set of two points?

Since the question does not require them to be straight lines, the answer is infinitely many.

How many curved lines you can draw through two given points?


How many lines can you draw between two points?

Directly with no turns: 1 With turns: infinite

How many lines in plane def can you draw that contain both points d and e?


Can nine straight lines can be drawn from nine collinear points?

Yes. You can draw infinitely many straight lines from each point.

How many common points for intersection of four lines?

- If you're working on a single sheet of paper (2-D), then you can draw four lines that intersect in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 points. - If in 3-D space, then you can also draw four lines that don't intersect at all.

How can you draw 2 lines with 3 points of intersection?

it's impossible if the line is straight but if u can make it zig-zag then you can make them intersect at as many points as you like.

How do you draw an x inside a square inside a circle without retracing?

It might depend on how you draw it, but I don't think it is possible. Draw the figure, and look at the points where lines meet. Count how many of those points are "odd", meaning that an odd number of lines meets there. Each of these points has to be either the starting point, or the end point, and you can only have one starting point and one end point.