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There are 10 one digit positive integers (0 - 9) and 9 one digit negative integers (-9 to -1) making 19 in all.

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Q: How many one digit integers are there?
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How many positive integers each have one less digit than their squares?


How many integers from 1 through 999 have at least one repeated digit?

There are 352.

How many different products are possible when two one-digit positive integers are multiplied?

There are 33.

How many two-digit positive integers are there?


How many numerals between 11 and 999999 contain repeated single digits?

There are 45 integers between 11 and 999999 which consist of only one digit being repeated. There are 831430 integers that contain at least one repeated digit.

How many binary digits can one hexadecimal digit represent?

4 digits - representing 16 integers.

How many 5 digit integers are perfect squares?


How many positive 3-digit integers can be formed that the 100s digit is equal to the sum of the 10s and 1s digit?


How many different two-digit numbers can be written if each digit must be one of the integers from 1 to 8 inclusive?

There are 8*8 = 64 such numbers.

How do you do integers greatest to least?

Positive integers are greater than negative integers. For positive integers: * The integer with more digits is larger. * If two integers have the same length, compare the first digit. If the first digit is the same, compare the second digit, then the third, etc., until you find a difference. In each case, the integer with the larger digit (at the first position where you find a difference) is the larger one.

How many positive three digit integers are multiples of 85?

10 of them.

How many times does the digit 6 appear in the list of all integers from 1 to 100?

10 times for the one's digit, 1-100 10 times for the ten's digit, 60-70 = 20 times