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Most (if not all) city codes require outlets be wired with 12 gauge wire and a 20 amp breaker. Lights can be wired with 14 gauge and 15 amps.

One, or possibly a million. The question you need to ask youself is how do you intend to load this 15A circuit. It already has a light on it. Is that all? How much power does this use? What is the usage of these new outlets? How much power do you plan to draw off them?

Remeber power is the product of voltage and current. So your 15A 120V breaker can supply 1800W. Sum up everything you want to put on this circuit. If you plan on drawing more than 1000W regularly on this circuit you should consider using two or more circuits. Keep in mind you want a margin of error (I went with 800W) for large temporary loads such as vacuum cleaners and irons. Don't underrate your circuit, you will regret it later.

Another poster said in another thread that according to code "generally each duplex outlet may count for 180W" (Smseagle). So, to use this rule, you need to take 1800W, subtract the wattage of your security light, and divide the result by the remainder. The quotient, rounded down, is your answer.

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Q: How many outlets can you put on a wire with a 15A breaker if it already has an outdoor security light fitted to it through a switch?
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Is an outdoor wireless security camera a reliable option?

Yes, an outdoor wireless security camera is a reliable option. There are for example no cables that can be cut. One also need fewer outlets in the house.

How many outlets can you have on a circuit?

Depends on what the outlets are controlling, size of the wire, and size of the breaker.

How many outlets can you put on a 20A breaker?


How many outlets can you have on a 230V circuit?

Depends on what the outlets are controlling, size of the wire, and size of the breaker.

Can wall outlets be on a 15amp breaker in the bedroom or do they have to be 20amp?

Technically, they can be on a 15 amp breaker when you use 15 amp outlets. There is a difference. Be sure to check your local code (just call the city building department and tell them you have a code question). some cities require the bedroom outlets to be on an arc-fault breaker.

Do you put gfi outlets and bathroom lights on the same breaker?


Is a ground fault indicator outlet installed at the breaker box?

There are tow places to put a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. There is a GFCI breaker which would be installed in a breaker box and a GFCI outlet that can be installed anywhere. Most GFCI outlets allow you to connect regular outlets to the GFCI and those outlets will also be protected.

How many 115 volt outlets could you run from a 20 amp breaker?

If you never plug anything into them, there is no limit. If the total current drawn from all outlets exceeds 20 amps, the breaker will trip.

What if lights do not work but outlets work?

You probably blew the breaker for the lights. While usually the lights and outlets in a room are on the same breaker, it isn't always done that way. And you may have blown the light bulbs in the lights.

If you have 3-4 can lights 1 ceiling fan and 3 outlets what size breaker?

A 15 amp breaker protecting # 14 wire.

What size circuit breaker do you need for kichen counter outlets?

Two 20 Amp circuits with the outlets staggered so a different circuit is on two adjacent outlets. Should be GFCI protected.

How many plugs can you run on a 30a breaker?

You should not run outlets in a home on a 30 amp breaker unless the wiring is 10/2 wiring which is not likely. A home uses either 12/2 wire which requires a 20 amp breaker or 14/2 which requires a 15 amp breaker. If this is in a garage with 10/2 wire and a 30 amp breaker you can easily install a combination of 15 outlets and lights. Really it is the load that counts and not the number of outlets or lights. Add up the load and you will know how many you can install.

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