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13.2, you need to buy 14.

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Q: How many panels of 15 square feet will fill 198 square feet?
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How many square feet are in 132 panels measuring 8 in x 48 in?

The panels will cover an area of 352.44 square feet.

How many 2x2 panels cover 234 square feet?

58 1/2

How many meter square of 300x300x7mm tiles fill a 20 feet container?

600x300x7mm tiles fill a 20 feet container?

How many 4inchx9inces pieces fill 25 square feet?


How many cubic feet to fill 112 square feet at 4 inches tick?

37.33 cubic feet

How many 1 square feet blocks do you need to fill a 10 feet by 10 feet area?


How many sheets of plywood to fill 3991 square feet?

124.7 sheets

If you had 2.25 square feet in tile and needed to fill in 56 square feet how many more tile would you need?

Another 53.75 square feet of tile would be needed.

The foyer was 8 feet by 8 feet but the tiles were 4 square feet. How many tiles will they need to fill the space?


How many 4 inch tiles are needed to fill 165 square feet?


How many 2x2 foot squares do I need to fill a 260 square foot space?

2ft by 2 ft = 4 square feet 260 square feet divided by 4 square feet = 65 squares

How many square yards fill up a 195 square feet room?

1 square yard = 9 square feet so 195 sq feet = 195/9 sq yards = 21.66... sq yards.