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it really depends

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Q: How many patients does a GP have per day?
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What is the recommended doctor to patients ratio?

The answer to this question is varied - it depends on a lot of things. Are you asking for the number of patients per general practitioner? If so, the answer would appear to be somewhere in the realms of 1000 to 1500 patients per GP. This does depend on the nature of the population, their Demographics, geographical constraints, disease burden, age , ability of the Doctor, how many nurses the Dr has to support them, etc etc etc. In New Zeland, practice sizes vary from 500 patients per GP right up to 3500 patients per GP (considered unmanageable, actually). I believe the average practice size is around 1600 patients per GP. In terms of specialist doctors required, I do not know of research completed looking at ideal ratios here.

How many patients in England are registered with a GP?

{| |- | 51,522,391 in 2002 |}

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How many patients does each GP have in the UK?

The number of GP practices in the UK is approx. 10,0878228 in England483 in Wales1019 in Scotland357 in Northern IrelandLatest Data for England and Wales from the HSCIC 2010 GP Vacancy Survey (2010)Latest Data for Scotland from the ISDScotland (2010)Latest Data for NI from the HSCNI (2009)

How many calories should Ashleigh k Chelsea b sonia s have per day?

An average woman should have 1500 calories a day. However both lifestyle and and other factors such as height affect this. If you want an accurate view of how many calories you should consume a day it is best to seek advice from your GP or a dietitian.

What is the difference between an ER doctor and a GP?

GP: Gatekeeper of the NHS. Handles everyday patients, has around 1000-2000 patients on their "list". Knows a little about a lot of things. A&E doctor: Specialist in stabilising patients who are very unwell, due to accident or serious, sudden acute disease. Knows a lot about a little, but generally will only stabilise before discharging or sending on for further treatment.

What does GP surgery do?

A GP Surgery is more commanly known as 'Medical Centre' it is where you go and meet your GP [Family Doctor].The Job Aim For a GP Are As follows:The main aim of a GP is to provide preventive care and health education for all ages. They keep medical notes for all patients and take account of physical, emotional and social factors when diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment. GP Doctors do not focus on any pacific organ system like most doctors but provide general comprehensive care. GP's perform check-ups and treat patients for minor illnesses and injuries such as the flu, sprained ankles and minor cuts to more chronic illnesses. General practitioners can also order blood tests, X-rays or other screening or testing procedures. They work as part of a team alongside other health care workers to discuss care options for patients and their families and help patients to take responsibility for their own health. GP's have an absolute great amount of responsibility as everyone who has any sort of problem will firstly go to their GP, due to the reason that they help their patient with any problem whether it being emotional or physical, and from then if need be they may refer you to health professionals (specialists in that field).Overall, they know how and when to intervene, through treatment, prevention and education, to promote the health of their patients and families.

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What is GP salary?

GP salary is the salary that a general practitioner makes per year. On average general practitioners make between $168,550 and $173,175 annually.

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How many doctors are there per 10000 people in UK?

Britain has one of the lowest of European countries with a "GP to Head of Population" ratio of 1:562