How many people have a birthday on the same day?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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The answer is 9 000 000 people

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Q: How many people have a birthday on the same day?
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How many people in the world have the same birthday like the month - day - year?

uhh, alot?

How many people have the same birthday in the US?

EVERYBODY in the US has the same birthday as someone else in the US. The converse would be that someone in the US has his/her own birthday and nobody else in the entire population of 300,000,000 people in the US was born on that day.

How many peoples birthday is today in India?

Based on a population of about 1,210,200,000, and assuming about the same number of people are born each day, more than 3.3 million people in India alone have a birthday each day.

What do you call your birthday when the age and day are the same number?

Some people call that your golden birthday.

How many people have the same birthday as you do?

Let's see. Given the fact that a baby is born every 3 seconds, and there are 86,400 seconds in a day, we divide that and we get 28,800. So 28,800 people in the world share the same birthday as you do :)

Who is sharing a birthday with you?

All the people born on the same day of the year as you.

What does it mean if two people were born on the same day but not in the same year?

They share a birthday, but not a birth date.

How many people have a birthday each day of the year?

to much

How many people worldwide have their birthday on Christmas day?

My aunty..

Is Ariana Grande's and Jennette mccurdy's birthday on the same day?

Ariana Grande's birthday is on the same day as Jennette McCurdy's.

Who never has a golden birthday?

A golden birthday is when a person turns the same age as the date of their birthday. For example, a person turns twelve on the twelfth of the month. The people that have not had a golden birthday are people that did not live long enough to see this day come.

What is the Importance of December 18?

Birthday guru Ghasidas Baba Jayanti, who would be important to Hindus. It is the birthday of many people. It is one week before Christmas Day.