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360; I think.

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Q: How many permutation can you make from the letters A through E?
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How many permutations are in the word permutation?

239,500,800 12!/2! * * * * * Actually, as the word "permutation" [not permutations] has 11 letters, the answer is 11!/2! = 19,958,400

how many permutation of the letters are there in geometry?

There are 8 letters in "geometry", so there are 8! (factorial) ways to arrange them in different permutations. 8! = 40,320 permutations.

How many combinations can you make with 7 letters that are arranged in alphabetical order with repetition from English alphabet?

The question contradicts itself. The order of the letters is irrelevant in a combination [though it does matter in a permutation]. So what is it that you are asking for? Combinations or order-dependent arrangements?

How many pages does Permutation City have?

Permutation City has 310 pages.

How many different two letter arrangements can you make without repeating letters?

If you have an alphabet of 26 letters, you can make 26 x 25 = 650 arrangements if "nt" is considered different from "tn" (order counts) or 26 x 25 / 2 = 325 arrangements if "nt" is considered the same as "tn" (order doesn't count) The permutation and combination formulas for 26 objects where 2 are chosen are 26! / (26-2)! for order counts (permutation) 26! / (26-2)!2! for order doesn't count (combination)

In how many different ways can the letters of the word coniohser be arranged?

Coniohser has 9 letters. So the solution is permutation of nine that means 1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8*9 =362880

How many permutation of umbrella?

There are 20160 permutations of the word.

How many distinguishable 5-letter combinations are possible of the letters of the word tight?

Normally, there would be 5!=120 different permutations* of five letters. Since two of the letters are the same, we can each of these permutations will be duplicated once (with the matching letters switched). So there are only half as many, or 60 permutations.* (the correct terminology is "permutation". "combination" means something else.)

How many 6 numbers combinations can you make from 170200?

Only 1, since the order of the digits does not matter in a compbination. In a permutation, yes, but not combination.

How many words can you spell using only letters a through g?

There are about 57 words that are combinations of the letters A through G There are about 57 words that are combinations of the letters A through G

What is the examples of circular permutation?

The most popular questions involving circular permutations are... How many ways can you seat n people around a round dinner table? Given n different colored beads, how many different bracelets can you make? Given n different Christmas ornaments, how many different door reefs can you make? Sometimes they ask you to pick k out of a set of n to form the permutation.

How many strings can be formed of length 4 from a language containing 10 letters?

In a "language" containing just 10 letters, there are 10,000 four-letter permutations. It's easy to work out if you simply replace the letters with decimal digits 0-9. The first permutation is 0000, followed by 0001, 0002, 0003, ..., 9997, 9998 and 9999.