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Q: How many perpendicular lines does the letter B have?
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Are intersecting lines perpendicular or not perpendicular?

Intersecting lines may or may not be perpendicular. If the angle of intersection between two intersecting lines is 90 degrees, then the two lines are perpendicular. Otherwise, the lines are not perpendicular. For example: A | | | B ----|----- | | Here, the lines A and B are intersecting. The angle between A and B is 90 degrees. Therefore, line A and line B are perpendicular to each other.

How can you tell which lines are perpendicular?

That the slopes of the lines are the opposite of each other and negative. Ex: y=2/3x+b then the line perpendicular to it is y=-3/2+b

Do perpendicular lines have the same equation?

The general form of an equation for a line isaX + bY = c.Since perpendicular lines have different slopes and different x and y intercepts the parameters a, b, and c are different for perpendicular lines

How many lines of symmetry does a letter B has?


What makes 2 equations perpendicular?

Technically, equations are never perpendicular to one another. However, the equations of lines can result in their lines being perpendicular. Using y=mx+b, to have a perpendicular line, you have the negative reciprocal of m.

How many lines of symmetry does the letter B have?

The letter B has one set of line symmetry.The top of the B and the bottum.

How many lines of reflection symmetry does the letter B have?


What are the five uppercase that have perpendicular lines?

B, d, f, p, t

How many lines of symmetry does a letter B have?

A capital "B" has one horizontal line of symmetry.

What letters in the English language have both parallel and perpendicular lines?

There are letters in the alphabet with both parallel and perpendicular lines. In alphabetical order, they are E, F, and H. If the joining point can be considered perpendicular and parallel, then B, D, P, and R also match the criterion.

Explain what is the relationship between the equations of perpendicular lines?

The relationship between perpendicular lines lies in there slopes. The slope of one line is the opposite reciprocal of the other. Written mathematically, the lines y=m*x +b and y =(-1/m)*x +c are perpendicular lines (note the y-intercepts do not need to be equal or even related to each other).

Why are lines of latitude and lines of longitude perpendicular?

a) planar projection B) cylindrical projection