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That the slopes of the lines are the opposite of each other and negative.

Ex: y=2/3x+b then the line perpendicular to it is y=-3/2+b

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Q: How can you tell which lines are perpendicular?
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Does perpendicular have parallel lines?

= parallel + perpendicular As such no, perpendicular lines do not naturally have parallel lines. However...connect the lines in the symbols below. ++ ++ And you'll have 4 perpendicular lines, and 4 parallel lines.

What is similar about perpendicular lines and intersecting lines?

Perpendicular lines intersect.

Can two intersecting diagonal lines be perpendicular?

Obviously it can.The type of lines that are perpendicular but do not intersect are known as 'Skew' lines. These can be better understood by using vectors in three-dimensional.I have reason to think that you yourself, do not know what your asking for and therefore I must tell you this. 90degrees= perpendicular.

Does an equilateral have parallel lines or perpendicular lines?


Does a rectangle have perpendicular lines and parallel lines?


How do examples of perpendicular lines look?

These lines are perpendicular: _|

What are non-perpendicular lines?

Lines that aren't perpendicular

Which pair of lines is perpendicular?

Lines that intersect at 90 degrees are perpendicular lines

Which shape has parallel lines but no perpendicular lines?

A rhombus has parallel lines but no perpendicular lines.

How many perpendicular lines do octagons have?

Octagons have no perpendicular lines.

Does a cube have perpendicular lines?

I believe they do, and they have 2 perpendicular lines.

Can two lines be parellel perpendicular and intersecting at the same time?

No. If the lines are parallel they will never meet or intersect at any point. If the lines are perpendicular they do intersect, but perpendicular lines are a special case of intersecting lines. Perpendicular lines are exactly 90 degrees from each other. Intersecting lines do not haveto be perpendicular... but perpendicular lines are always intersecting.