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Depends on what you plan to power with it. You can hook millions of outlets to one 15A breaker and it will work fine as long as you don't draw more than 15A off the circuit. You need to calculate your expected load and use that to determine how many circuits you need.

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Q: How many plug-in outlets can you wire to a 15A breaker?
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How many outlets can you have on a 230V circuit?

Depends on what the outlets are controlling, size of the wire, and size of the breaker.

How many 15 amp outlets on 120 volt circuit?

Depends on the size wire used in the circuit. If you wired the circuit with AWG #12 wire on a 20 amp breaker then you can install no more than 12 outlets. If you wired it with AWG #14 wire on a 15 amp breaker then install no more than 9 outlets. This is assuming only outlets are on the circuit and nothing else.

How many outlets can you run off one electricl wire?

as many as you want. it depends on what you plug in. you can use 80% of breaker rating.

How many plugs can you run on a 30a breaker?

You should not run outlets in a home on a 30 amp breaker unless the wiring is 10/2 wiring which is not likely. A home uses either 12/2 wire which requires a 20 amp breaker or 14/2 which requires a 15 amp breaker. If this is in a garage with 10/2 wire and a 30 amp breaker you can easily install a combination of 15 outlets and lights. Really it is the load that counts and not the number of outlets or lights. Add up the load and you will know how many you can install.

If you have 3-4 can lights 1 ceiling fan and 3 outlets what size breaker?

A 15 amp breaker protecting # 14 wire.

What size of wire use if you have 6 outlet with 30 amp breaker?

It is unusual to have multiple outlets on a 30 Amp service. If you do this you need outlets rated at 30 amps and 10 AWG wire.

How many 20amp outlets in commercial building per circuit?

All depends on how big your main breaker is and what size wire you are using,one 20 amp outlet needs #12 wire not more than 50feet away from main breaker

Can you use 10 gauge wire to connect a 2 15 amp outlets to a 30 amp breaker?


What would cause a 20A circuit breaker to remain on but have power with only two outlets and nothing anywhere else?

A disconnected or broken wire along the path somewhere. If you have 5 outlets (in a row) on a breaker and the wire breaks at the 3rd outlet, the first two outlets will still work but the others will not. Rodents are known to gnaw on wires and that can cause the break. Or maybe a wire just came loose from a recepticle.

How many outlets can you run on 15 amp 12-2 wire in canada?

No more than ten. If you used a 20-A breaker it would be up to 13.

How do you wire a 15 amp circuit?

Use a 15 amp breaker and 14 AWG wire and all switches and outlets rated at 15 amps or greater.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for garage?

For the 120 volt outlets on the wall use a 20 amp breaker wired with AWG #12 wire. The circuit must be GFCI protected. Any 240 volt outlets must be wired according to what they will be powering.

In a new house with only the standard outlets in the garage on a 20 amp breaker what is the biggest breaker you can put on the circuit?

Could you clarify the question please. You can't just upgrade the breaker. Its calculated on wire size and other things. You'll have to run different wire if you want to up your amps.

How many outlets and lights on a 60 amp breaker?

It would be quite unusual to have a single 60 amp circuit with outlets and lights. You would have to use very heavy wire to each light and outlet. Typical lighting circuits would be protected by 15 amp breaker and a circuit with general purpose receptacles would have a 20 amp breaker. A typical lighting circuit might have 10 to 12 fixtures and receptacle circuit might have 8 outlets. If you don't know how to size a circuit get an electrician.

Can you replace a 20 a breaker with a 25 a breaker?

For typical residential house wiring 12 AWG wire is required for a 20 Amp breaker. If you change out the breaker for a 25 A breaker you would have to rewire the circuit with 10 AWG. In that case you could up the breaker to 30 Amps. All outlets and switches should be rated at the same voltage and current as the breaker.

Can you hook a 15 amp and 20 amp breaker to a breaker box using 20 amp wire?

You can run 12 AWG wire for both 15 and 20 Amp circuits. Suggest if you do this that you use 20 amp outlets and switches so you could easily upgrade 15 A to 20 A breaker if you need to in the future.

How do you wire a 15 amp breaker?

Ground wire connects to the ground bar, white wire connects to the neutral bar, and black wire connects to the breaker. Be sure and turn off main breaker before installing the wire or the breaker.

Is the wire running to a 20amp breaker different from a wire running to a15amp breaker?

Yes, a 20 amp breaker requires AWG # 12 copper wire. A 15 amp breaker requires AWG # 14 copper wire.

Should you use 14-2 or 12-2 for garage outlets and lights in Richfield mn?

The only determining factor is the size of the circuit breaker that you will be using. If the garage circuit will be protected with a 15 Amp breaker, you may use a 14 AWG wire. If the circuit will be protected with a 20 amp breaker, you must use a 12 AWG wire. Note too that garage outlets should be protected with a GFCI breaker or outlet. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to adequately design and install the garage outlets, please, for your own safety, contact a local electrician.

How do you change wire fuse for circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker does not have a wire fuse in it.

How can you wire a normal 120V outlet out of a double pole circuit breaker?

well, the easy answer is, black wire to one pole of the breaker, white wire to the neutral bus with all the other white wires, bare wire to the ground bus with all the other bare (or green) wires. BUT the breaker must be 20 amps or less for residential outlets and you much match the wire size to the breaker, #14 for 15 amp breaker, #12 for a 20 amp breaker AND if there is only going to be one outlet, if it is a 20 amp circuit, the outlet has to be rated for 20 amps. Yes, but why would you want to? It is unclear to anybody else what you are doing and therefore a hazard. Do it right. Use a single pole breaker designed for 110V.

How many wall outlets can you have in a circuit using a A breaker?

Assuming this is not an office of a place where lots of the outlets will be used to power items that draw lots of current on a 15 amp circuit wired with 14/2 wire I would limit it to no more than 10 outlets and lights combined. On a 20 amp circuit wired with 12/2 wire I would limit it to a 14 outlets and lights combined. There is no limit in the code. You just use common sense based on what is going to be used on this circuit.

Is it safe to have two black wires two white wires and two ground wires on a single breaker?

Hopefully just the black wires are on the breaker. Two circuits on one breaker. Shouldn't be a problem. It would depend on how many outlets or lights were on the breaker in total. Even then, there is very little chance of something drawing current from every outlet at the same time. The only thing is you can't put two wires under one breaker (by code). You would have to wire nut them with a pig-tail then just put the one wire under the breaker.

How do you replace a 15 amp breaker in the circuit box?

The breaker will have a black wire connected to it. Turn off the main breaker and then disconnect that black wire from the breaker. The breaker will snap into the main bar. Remove the breaker and install the new one. Reconnect the black wire to the breaker and then install the cover and turn the main breaker back on.

How do you wire an ark fault circuit breaker?

install breaker in panel and put the hot wire on the breaker and also there should be a place for the neutral on the breaker also both wires will be landed on the breaker in different spots and then take the white wire that is coiled on breaker and land it on the neutral bar