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Questions on a test do not always have the same point value. The answer cannot be determined.

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Q: How many points would each question be on a 40 question exam?
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How many points is each question worth on a 12 question exam?

points is each question worth on a 12 question exam?

How many points would each question be on a 80 question exam?


How many points each question worth on 8 question exam?

points each question worth on 8 question exam?

How many points each will be taken off for each question on a 14 point exam?

96 points

How many points is each question worth on a 10 question exam?

Depends on the value assigned teach question - not all question values are the same.

80 on a 160 point exam how many points he got credit for?

I cannot answer this question. I do not know how much each question is worth.

What are coming for SC exam?

work 2000 to 2009 paper or look at each question carefully! you would know!

How much is each question worth on a 40 question exam?

If each question has the same "weight" (value), then each question would be worth 100% / 40 = 2.5%. However, it is also possible that some questions have more weight than others. In this case, 2.5% is simply the average value of each question.

How did you fair in your exam?

The correct question would be "how did you fare in your exam?"

Why they are putting marks in exam?

In an exam, each parson's paper is marked and points awarded against an "ideal" answer. The number of marks awarded show how well a person has done in answering the exam questions.

When you answer incorrectly on the sat exam you lose how many points?

On the SAT you get 1/4 point subtracted for every multiple-choice question you answer incorrectly. You get 0 points subtracted for every multiple choice question you don't answer.

How much is each question worth on an exam with 35 questions?

If you make the assumption - without any justification - that all questions are worth the same, then each one is worth 1/35 of the total for the exam.

You plan on taking a five-part exam each part worth 50 points The maximum score is measured in the?


What is the order for the eye exam on poptropica?

There is no order. Just click on the exact opposite of the icon he points to. For more details, click on the related question.

Example of an Irish leaving cert question?

You can find old exam papers for each subject on

Exam question papers for 8 standard ICSE?

Yes there are question papers for the exam. You will be given one if and when you sit the exam.

A student takes a 20-question multiple choice exam with five choices for each question and guesses on each question Find the probability of guessing at least 15 out of 20 correctly?

15%? (My math sucks - I probably got that wrong).

In spongebob how many points do you need to pass a boating exam?

600 points

Intermediate drawing grade exam's result of pune?

This would be the results of the exam. Each student will have results and it will all be averaged to see how the whole class did.

What is the electrical term which is comparable to water?

Another homework/exam question = Each take the path of least resistance when flowing.

Your exam is worth 70 percent you did an assessment worth the remander 30 percent and got 60 in it how much do you go into your exam with?

60% of 30 is 18 (0.6 x 30), so you go into the exam with 18 points. A perfect score on the exam would result in an overall grade of 83% (70 + 18).

Question papers of board exam 11th common exam?

You will be issued with it when you go to sit the exam.

Can you get reduced points from college if you are very sick just before the leaving cert?

Colleges run different rules. You would have to ask a particular college what their rules are. It is unlikely they would change. There are a lot of people vying to get into a college, so there are always people with sufficient points, who still cannot get a place. Someone with less points, whatever the circumstances, are highly unlikely to be given a place ahead of someone who has the full points should a place become available. Also, it would be very difficult to show how health problems effected your points. So the thing to do is to do as well as possible in the exam, by concentrating on the exam and study, and not on your health.

A student takes a 10 question true or false exam and guesses on each question Find the probability of passing if the lowest passing grade is 6 correct out of 10?

5 out of 10

Juan scored 5 points higher on his midterm and 13 points higher on his final than he did on his first exam. If his mean score was 90 what was his score on the first exam?

36 :D