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There are 36 possible outcomes: 6 for each die.

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Q: How many possible outcomes are there using two dice?
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How many different outcomes will you get if you roll 2 dice?

There are 36 possible outcomes.

Two dice are rolled. How many outcomes are possible?

The possible outcomes of a single dice is 6 ( 1,2,3,4,5, 6). If two such dice are rolled the possible outcomes are 6 multiplied by 6, that is 36 outcomes. ((1,1),(1,2)...(2,1),(2,2).....(6,4),(6,5),(6,6))

How many products possible with 2 dice?

There is 62 or 36 possible outcomes rolling two dice.

How many outcomes are possible when rolling 5 dice?

Possible outcomes of a single dice are 6 ( 1,2,3,4,5,6) So if 5 such dices are rolled then the number of possible outcomes are 6 mulitiplied by 6 five times. 6x6x6x6x6x6=46656 possible outcomes.

How many possible outcomes are there when you roll four dice?


How many different outcomes possible when rolling two dice?

a lot

How many outcomes are there using 3 dice?


How many possible outcomes sum of dots are there if you throw the two dice on the board?

The sum can be any number from 2 to 12.That's 11 possible outcomes.

How many outcomes are possible when two dice are rolled.?

36 possible outcomes, assuming replications (ie: rolling a 6 and a 1, rolling a 1 and a 6; counted as two separate outcomes.)

How many outcome are possible in 2 dice?

6 sides x 6 sides = 36 outcomes

How many outcomes are there in the sample space of rolling 2 dice?

11 outcomes if the dice are indistinguishable, 36 otherwise.

How many outcomes are there for a 6-sided dice and then spinning a 10-part spinner?

You multiply the possibilities so 6 possibilities of the dice and the 10 possibilities of the spinner so in total there are 60 possible outcomes for this situation.

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