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There is 62 or 36 possible outcomes rolling two dice.

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Q: How many products possible with 2 dice?
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What is the probability of rolling a sum 10 with two dice?

3 times (out of 36) is the probablility Possible Outcome 1 - Dice 1: 4, Dice 2: 6 Possible Outcome 2 - Dice 1: 5, Dice 2: 5 Possible Outcome 3 - Dice 1: 6, Dice 2: 4

How many different outcomes will you get if you roll 2 dice?

There are 36 possible outcomes.

What is the largest possible sum with 2 six sided dice?

The largest possible sum with 2 six sided dice is 12.

If you have two dice how many numbers do you have on the faces?

2 each of the numbers 1 thru 6. ---------------------------------- This can be answered in many ways: --- There are twelve faces on two dice, each with a number --- The are six different numbers on the dice faces --- There are 36 possible combinations of two dice --- --- They can total between 2 and 11 --- --- There are 21 different possible pairs (all but six of which can appear two ways)

How many outcome are possible in 2 dice?

6 sides x 6 sides = 36 outcomes

How many possible outcomes sum of dots are there if you throw the two dice?

There are eleven possible "sums of dots" if you throw two 6-sided dice. The range of possible values is from 2 (1+1) to 12 (6+6).

How many outcome for 2 dice?

there are 36 outcomes when rolling 2 dice

What is the largest sum possible with 2 six sided dice?


How many numbers are there in 2 dice?

There are 21 dots on 1 dice so there are 42 in two dice

How many possible outcomes sum of dots are there if you throw the two dice on the board?

The sum can be any number from 2 to 12.That's 11 possible outcomes.

How many dice in Monopoly?

Just 2 dice. You roll both and add them for your move.

How many dots are there on 2 dice?


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