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Using basic calculation of amps times volts equals watts you can see that a 15 amp circuit at 120volts has a capability of 1800 watts but a circuit should never be loaded above 80% so you have 1440 watts available. Most recessed light will not allow higher than a 75 watt bulb so assuming this take 1440 watts and divide by 75 watts to get 19.2 bulbs as you cant have a partial bulb go with no more than 19 lights. On a normal height ceiling of about 9 feet I never place recessed lights closer than 24 inches to the wall. As for interconnecting you just run a wire from one recessed light to the next. I would recommend that if you do not feel comfortable with the placement or wiring of these lights that you contact an electrician that specializes in lighting design to help you.

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Q: How many recessed lights can you hook up to a 15amp breaker and how do you connect the power from one recessed light to another?
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Can six recessed lights of 50 watts be on a 15 amp breaker?

Should be fine if that is all that is on the breaker.

Can 20 amp breaker with 12 gauge wire handle 8 recessed lights?

Yes. I am assuming this is a residential question. A better answer is...if the 8 recessed lights draw fewer than 16 amps together, it is good.

How high a ceiling for recessed lights?

There is no code limitation for the height distance for recessed lights.

Are all recessed lights pot lights?

No, the fluorescent fixtures that are installed in dropped ceilings are also know as recessed lighting.

How many recessed lights in kitchen?

Well, it depends on the size of your kitchen and the watt of the recessed light. But I think if you choose LED recessed you don't have to own many of them. For my kitchen, I only use 6 of LED recessed lights.

Are 6 recessed lights allowed in a 1 hour ceiling?

Recessed lights would be considered a penetration in the fire rated system.

Recessed Lighting ?

form_title= Recessed Lighting form_header= Brighten up your home with recessed lighting. Do you currently have recessed lights?*= () Yes () No How many rooms do you want recessed lights installed?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} When do you want this project completed?*= _ [50]

In a basement how many ceiling lights can you have on a 15A breaker?

To meet the requirements of the electrical code you have to know the total wattage of the lights that you are going to connect to the 15 amp circuit.

How do you fix pot lights when one of four seems to have shorted out and now none work and it's not the breaker?

Pot lights? I will guess recessed ceiling lights? I would look at the one that shorted to see if it is the first one in the series and lost the connection. The switch may also be the problem.

How many floodlights can you connect on a 10a circuit breaker on a 220 voltage supply?

To answer this question the wattage of the flood lights must be stated.

Can you use 40 amp breaker for your lights and plug ins?

If you are referring to house wiring then the answer is no. A breaker protects the wire size that is connected to the breaker. In home wiring most homes are wired with a #14 wire which is rated at 15 amps. That is why the wire is protected by a 15 amp breaker. The correct wire size to connect to a 40 amp breaker is a #8. This size wire is too large to connect to receptacles an light fixture terminals.

How many recessed lights are needed in a 14 X 14 room?

That depends on the usage of the room and the recessed lights you have selected. Some rooms, like bathrooms, need more light while others, like closets do not.

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