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There are 60 sec in one min

35 rev/min x 45/60 = 26.25 revs

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Q: How many revolutions would a tire make in 45 sec if its anguar velocity were 35 rev min?
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How many revolutions does the object make during the first 4 s?

9.55 revolutions

How many revolutions will a car tire make in one mile?

it would depend on the speed of the car or the diameter of the tire.

What does the acronym rpm stand for?

# RPM is a standard for how many revolutions the record would make per minute. Different sized records required the speed be changed on the record player.

How many revolutions does a tire make in a mile?

That would depend upon the size of the tire. My car has tires that are about 221/4" in diameter which means they have circumference: circumference = π x diameter ≈69.9" which is the distance travelled in one complete revolution of the tire. 1 mile = 63360 in ⇒ revolutions = 1 mile ÷ circumference_of_tire ≈ 63360 in ÷ 69.9 in ≈ 906.43 revolutions per mile My bicycle has tires that are about 271/2" in diameter meaning the number of revolutions is: revolutions ≈ 63360 in ÷ (π x 271/2 in) ≈ 733.39 revolutions per mile

How does the amount of teeth in the gears effect the revolutions per min?

Gear (A) has 15 teeth , Gear (B) has 10 teeth. Gear (A) makes 14 revolutions . How many revolutions will Gear (B) make?

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devide 0ne million miles with the tires outer premiter

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I believe you meant that you had an object on a string that revolved around an axis at a constant velocity. If that is the case, under friction free conditions, when the string snaps, it's velocity would not change, only its direction of movement. The centripetal force that was keeping the mass revolving around the axis would converted into centrifugal force that would make it travel in a straight line away from the axis.

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1 per minute.

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