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1 per minute.

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Q: How many revolutions does the second hand on a clock make?
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How could you make a analog clock more precise?

add a second minute hand. If you could add a second minute hand to an analog clock, you would be able to increase the precision by allowing the time to be determined to the second.

How many revolutions does the hour hand on a clock make a year?

The hour hand will rotate once around a clock every 12 hours. Therefore, in a regular, 365 day year, the hour hand will make 365 x 2 = 730 rotations, while in a leap year, it will make 366 x 2 = 732 rotations.

The short hand and long hand clock are 4cmand6cm long respectively find the distance traveled by their tips in two days?

Every day, the hour hand makes 2 complete revolutions and the minute hand makes 24 revolutions (one per hour). So we have 4 complete revolutions on the hour hand and 48 on the minute hand. First, let us find out the distance per revolution these make. If you noticed on a clock, these would be considered radii, the minute hand makes: C = 2πr ==> C = 2π(4) ==> C = 8π ==> C ≈ 25.133 cm/revolution and the hour hand makes: C = 2πr ==> C = 2π(6) ==> C = 12π ==> C ≈ 37.699 cm/revolution So the sums are: 48(8π cm) + 4(12π cm) = 384π cm + 48π cm = 432π cm ≈ 1,357.168 cm Therefore, the sum of the distances traveled is about 1,357 cm.

Which angle do the hour hand and the minute hand make when it is 6 o' clock?

straight angle

From where can one purchase a sunburst clock?

A sunburst clock can make a unique addition to anyone's home. They can be found online at Amazon and eBay. A skilled bargain hunter may be able to pick one up at a second-hand store or garage sale.

How many revolutions does a crankshaft make per second at 3000 rpm?

3000/60 or 50 revs per sec.

How many revolutions does the crankshaft make per second at 3000 rpm?

(3,000/minute) x (minute/60 seconds) = 50/second

How many times a day does the hand of a clock make a 47 degree angle?

22 times.

How do set the clock in a GMC cargo van?

You will have to do this from the dashboard. Make sure to have the users manual on hand to make the process easier.

What Angle do the hour hand and the minute hand make when it is six o' clock?

The full circle of the clock is 360 degrees. The distance between any two figures on the clock is therefore 360 ./. 12 = 30 degrees. When it's 6 o'clock there are six figures between the hour hand and the minute hand, so 6 x 30 = 180 degrees.

What angle do the hands on the clock make at 10 o'clock?

the answer for "through what angle will the minute hand have turned from 2 o'clock, when the clock shows 10 o'clock?" is 2880 °

How do make time go faster?

Take A Ladder, Climb Up To The Clock And Spin The Hour Hand.