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Q: How many seconds in one quarter of a min?
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How many seconds are in one in a quarter of a minute?

One minute is 60 seconds, so a quarter of that is ¼ x 60 = 15 seconds.

How many sec in a min?

There are 60 seconds in one minute.

How many seconds are in one hour and 30 min?

5,400 seconds are in 1 hour 30 minutes.

How many seconds are there in 5 and one quarter minutes?

There are: 5.25 times 60 = 315 seconds

How many seconds are in one hour and fifty-two min?


How many t makes one min in a seconds pendulum?

3600 t

How many seconds are in one minute?

There are 60 seconds in one minute.There are 60 seconds in one minute.60 secsMin = minute. There are 60 seconds in a minute.There 60 sec in one minute

How many sec and min in one day?

There are 86,400 seconds in one day. There are 1,440 minutes in one day.

How do you do the math for how many seckens in 1 hour?

do you mean seconds in one hour? 60 minutes is one hour and 60 seconds is one minute 1 hour x 60 min/hr x 60 sec/min 60 x 60 = 3600 seconds in one hour

How many seconds in one threr qurtarters minutes?

There are 105 seconds in one and three quarter minutes.

How many seconds in one years?

About 30 million. 356 days x 24 hours in a day x 60 min in an hour x 60 sec in a min = 31,536,000 seconds in a year

How many seconds is there in 1 quarter?

Please improve your question. one quarter of? a hour 900 a day 21600 a year 7884000 a century 788400000 a millennium 7 884 000 000. or is it a quarter in currency? if so, your ignorant! or one quarter of a moon? well depends what you mean by seconds.

How many seconds equals up to seven minutes?

One minute = 60 seconds. Multiply 60 (sec) by 7 (min), which yields 420 (sec)

How many seconds are there between 3 and 4 minutes?

Sixty. One full minute = 60 seconds.

Is 90 seconds one mintue and eight-teen seconds?

no, it is 1 min and 30 secs

How many hours minutes and seconds are in one year?

365 days x 24 hrs/day = 8760 hours in one year8760 hours x 60 min/hour = 525,600 minutes in one year525,600 minutes x 60 sec/min = 31,536,000 seconds in one year

How many min are in 180 sec?

Since there are 60 seconds in one minute, and 180 divided by 60 is 3, 3 minutes

How much is 15 minutes?

It is 900 seconds. It is one quarter of an hour.

One thousand seconds is equal to how many years?

Let's put it this way, 1 hour is 3600 seconds, so your answer is 5/18 of an hour, ie 16 min 40 sec.

Write the word form for 1 min 38.29 seconds?

One minute and thirty-eight and twenty-nine hundredths seconds.

How much horsepower is needed to run 14 seconds in the quarter mile?


How many teaspoons equals one quarter?

"one quarter" of what .

How many 5ths go into one and a quarter?

6 and one quarter fifths go into one and a quarter.

How many Min in 1370 sec?

First, know that one minute is equal to 60 seconds. Knowing that, you just divide 1370 by 60 to get 22 with a remainder of 50. That is going to be your answer. There are 22 minutes in 1370 seconds with a leftover of 50 seconds.

72 years is equal to how many seconds?

(72 years) x (365.2422 days/year) x (24 hr/day) x (60 min/hr) x (60 sec/min) = 2,272,098,678 seconds So 72 years is around 2 billion seconds. If you want to figure it out on your own, make sure the units (like "days/year" and "min/hr") all cancel out except the one you want (seconds). For example: (years)(days/year) -> "years" cancel, leaving "days" So in the above, you have: (years)(days/year)(days)(hr/day)(min/hr)(sec/min) -> all cancel except seconds.