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A polygon with 1000 sides is still a polygon but even a polygon of 100 sides gives characteristics of a circle. When demonstrating circles a polygon of 100 sides helps show the circle characteristics.

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Q: How many sides does a polygon have until it turns into a circle?
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How many sides does a polygon haves until it turns into a circle?

Theoretically, there are an infinite number of sides a polygon could have. It will never turn into a circle.

What shapes have the smallest surface area per volumn?

The fewer the number of sides that a polygon has, the higher the surface area to volume ratio. This increases until the polygon has an infinite number of sides, or has become a perfect sphere, when the ratio is the smallest.

Each exterior angle of a regular polygon measures 30 degrees How many sides does the polygon have?

A regular polygon has equal angles and sides. Therefore, consider 0 degrees as a starting direction. At every corner, you turn 30 degrees to the left, until you end up back where you started. A full rotation is 360 degrees. Divide by 30, and you have turned 12 times. The polygon, therefore, has 12 sides.

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How do you find the number of sides a regular polygon has if the interior angles equals 144?

Construct a 144° angle with two equally long lines. Keep on adding sides until you come back to the beginning. Count the sides. Mathematicaly you could divide a full circle with the value of the difference between the interior angel and a straight line (180°) So: 360° / (180° - 144° ) = 10 You will in either case get decagon (ten sided figure)

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What is a 97 sided shaped called?

any shape after 12 sides is just called the number sides - gon. for example: 97 is a 97-gon (pronounced: ninety seven gon). this works for any other number sides except 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12. further examples are 11-gon, 15-gon, 47-gon, 101, gon... these go up until the angle measure of any regular polygon is exactly 180 degrees or as close as possible (179.99999...) making it a circle.

What are the names of all polygon shapes up to 25 shapes?

Name of all polygons until 12 sides. Move the mouse over the shapes to discover their properties. Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon Hendecagon Dodecagon These shapes are known as regular polygons. A polygon is a many sided shape with straight sides. To be a regular polygon all the sides and angles must be the same.

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How do you write a function in Python to calculate the perimeter of a regular polygon of N sides and use that to approximate Pi by increasing N until Pi?

You can find a description of the algorithm in the Wikipedia article titled "Liu Hui's π algorithm".

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A regular polygram is generalization of a (regular) polygon on sides (i.e., an -gon) obtained by connecting every th vertex around a circle with every th, "picking up" the pencil as needed to repeat the procedure after traversing the circle until none of the vertices remain unconnected. Lachlan (1893) defines polygram to be a figure consisting of straight lines. The best-known polygrams are the pentagram and hexagram (a.k.a. Star of David). The following table summarizes some named polygrams.

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