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That equation has no solutions.

There's no number that can go in place of 'x' that can

make the equation a true statement.

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Q: How many solutions are there in 8x plus 11 equals 8x plus 8?
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How many solutions does 3x-2yet equals -1 and 2x plus y equals 11 have?

I suspect the answer depends on the value of t.

How many solutions are there to the equation below8x plus 11 equals 8x plus 8?

There is no solution. There is no number that can be put in place of 'x' that can make that statement true.

What is the nature of the solutions of the equation x2 plus 11 equals 0?

The two solutions are the conjugate complex numbers, +i*sqrt(11) and -i*sqrt(11), where i is the imaginary square root of -1.

What is the ordered triple of x plus y plus z equals 12 and y equals 1 and x y z equals 0?

(11, 1, 0) and (0, 1, 11) are the two possible solutions.

How many solutions are there to the equation below 15x plus 11 equals 8x?

Since the highest power of 'x' in the equation is '1', there's one solution.

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 3x -y equals 5 and 2x2 plus y2 equals 129?

The solutions work out as: x = 52/11, y = 101/11 and x = -2, y = -11

What divided by what equals 8 remainder 11?

107 divided by 12 equals 8 with a remainder of 11. There are many other possible solutions as well.

23 plus 11 equals 7 131 plus 42 equals 11 28 plus 75 equals?


How many solutions are there in the quadratic equation x2 - 4x - 77 equals 0?

There are two solutions for x: x=11 and x=-7

12 plus 10 plus 11 equals?

12 + 10 + 11 equals 33

How do you find the quadratic function of y equals 7x2 plus 2x plus 11?

With difficulty because the discriminant of the quadratic equation is less than zero meaning it has no solutions

14 plus 11 plus 3 equals?

it equals 28